Wednesday, September 28, 2005

title-less or Buttonless

After bringing my corset around for button hunting, there's still no luck in finding the right one. its either out of stock or it just dun suit the corset. is finding a simple button so tough? *pouts*

My second project with KSH within a month. as the photo says, i am on my second ball. Birch is really an easy pattern. I have not been refering to the pattern instructions after the first pattern repeat. I would do this again, if not for the 299 cast on.

I'm on the hunt for rectangular lace shawl patterns. would be using the Jaggerspun Zephyr. yummy!!! any free patterns to reccomend?

Ruth's in town

Ruth, together with her hubby, was in town 2 days ago. Cara, Matilda and me met up with them. brought them around central area for some yarn store hopping. You can find our group photo on my flickr account.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Singapore SnB Ball Winding Party

This session was planned with the purpose of teaching those who has never wind any yarn in their life before, or need motivation to get the windig process going (yes, people like me). Needless to say, we all had great fun winding up hanks of Shimmers and Alpaca Clouds. You can see all of us were busy winding and none were oblivious to my photo taking. Why is Yours Truly not in the photos again? cuz she finished winding first in time to catch the rest in winding action on photos.

How many more yards to go? wrists and arms are aching... :(

ok! last few yards to go.

at last, all our hanks of yarns into balls.

hope you girls have not developed a phobia on ball winding. LOL

Last but not least, we had vanilla_sea79 joining us. and Ghostknitter dropped by to say hi.

After the party, i made a trip to the bookstore and found a similar pattern of the UO shrug. Take a LOOK.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Reporting on my Butterfly progress, it had been a love-hate thing with KSH. I used the prescribed needle size and found the YOs to be too huge. as many KSH fans had experienced, ripping KSH is really a pain at you-know-where. if a mistake is discovered early, unknitting would be very much encouraged. And sometimes a dose of dark chocolate is the best remedy when you need to do stitches like p3tog, p2tog tbl and etc. As I'm blogging now, I'm waiting for the rain to go away so that i can bring my tripod to the park for some photo taking on the completed Butterfly. seems like its going to continue till the sun goes down. Till then please enjoy this photo of the lacey frill. and the chocolates are courtesy of a special friend.

Look out for the long awaited Audrey, the sleeve-ed Spring Fling and the Lucky Clover wrap on my next post

Next up is yarn porn. scroll down if u dare and tell me the colors you can spot.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tagged One

Ten Years Ago
I went for my first campfire on St John island, a place where it used to house inmates and drug addicts many many moons ago. I don't usually get the chance to stay out for a long period of time without my folks. You can tell how protective they are towards their children.

Five Years Ago
A fresh diploma holder back then. Found a job quickly even though the economy was quite slow after the crisis hit Asia. and i stayed in that company for almost 3 years.

One Year Ago
I was in a sale position which allows me to travel in the Asiapac region. gain lots of experience and know lots of people. no longer was I a country pumpkin :p more street-wise i guess.


Five Snacks
-Dark Chocolates, at least 70% cocoa content
-Potato Chips, give me sour cream & onion anytime.
-Ben & Jerry's icecreams
-Meiji's range of snacks

Five Songs I Know All The Words To
-Heaven Knows by Richard Marx
-Everything i do it for you by Bryan Adams
-To Where You Are by Josh Groban
-Perfect by Simple Plan
-Superwoman by Karyn White

Five Things I'd Do With 100 Million Bucks
-Start a charitable foundation
-Provide for my family
-Get a yarn mill (then i can knit to my heart's content, never to be afraid of running out of yarn)
-Create job opportunities
-Invest, invest and invest (make money grow)

Five Places I'd Run Away To

Five Things I Would Never Wear
-Anything that's chilli red in color
-Fishnet stockings, garter belts
-baggy jeans
-no punk stuffs

Five TV Shows
-Desperate Housewives
-Hong Kong dramas

Five Joys
-each time i finish a project
-Yarn Shopping and all forms of spree
-opening boxes of goodies like yarns, clothings...imagine xmas
-able to knit fulltime when i'm still looking for a job :p
-spending time with love ones

Five Things To Do, Just For Me, Before I Die
-Find the ONE
-Try all extreme sports
-Ride all the roller coasters on the world
-Reach the highest peak
-more MEMEs

I think lots of people have been tagged on this one, so shall tag other next time round.

a little break before i continue

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Modeling my FOs

Finally I found the tripod in the house. The adjusting of the tripod height and angle, the zooming and etc took quite a while. I still need to adjust the lightings of the room. Seems like there's not enough natural light coming into my room.

First photo is me in Mariah. The zipper looks kind of weird in the photo. For my next sweater, I'm going to get more shaping and plenty of cables. More stories on Mariah is here

Pattern: Mariah from
Yarn: Caressa from Patons (500g)
Needle: 4mm (US 6)
Size: Small
Time to finish: 1 month

The very well known Tivoli. This is my first seamless project. Learnt stuffs like bind-offs/casting on mid-row. This pattern calls for the exact amount of yarns, I was left with less than a metre of yarn. I think i left out one increase as i have a smaller hip. This is great for mindless knitting in front of the TV or on road trips. Did i mention a portion of this was knitted during my trip to KL. And also there this new version called Picovoli

Pattern: Tivoli from Grumperina
Yarn: 4 balls of Debbie Bliss Cathay in black
Needle: 4mm (US 6)
Size: Small
Time to finish: <2 weeks

Needless to say which lace pattern this is. I actually knitted this in the round after the armholes and only had 3 inches of ribbing, cuz the ribbing was boring me to dreamland. and Mom is showing interest in this piece as well. I might have to knit her in a bigger zize, which means more yarn and more $$$ spent.

Pattern: Orangina from Glampyre
Yarn: less than 4 balls of Jaeger Siena in Phlox
Needle: 3.25mm (US 3) and 2.75mm (US 2) for ribbing
Size: X-Small
Time to finish: <2 weeks

Edited to reply to comments:
Tari: due to the difference in gauge, it was my first sweater, so gauge was not my first priority.

rosalynn: i think its Patons from Australia

To All: thanks for the kind comments. You girls really spur me on for more knitting.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Stashing again

These are Jaggerspun Zephyr. and were aquired during a recent spree with the girls in the group.

Erin, take a look at your Lady Slipper which is on the top, Cara's Coral on the right. My Aegean Blue's on the left.

The Good begets good

and the EVIL begets EVIL

I have been too frank/blunt/straightforth/honest/naive/nice to some people. The first phase's aint true at all. I hope with all my heart the second would.

*** ***

My heart goes out to those who were in the affected areas where Katrina blast by.

Knitting content will resume once I get over things within myself.

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