Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fa Fa Fa Socks

As promised in my previous post, here's the surprise in the form of a sock pattern. The cable stitch is adapted from stitch books, using one of my favorite yarns.

Click on the picture for the pattern.

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alt.ayu said...

gratz on your very first pattern!! ^_^

Julie said...

such awesome socks!! congrats on the pattern!!

Alexandra said...

Beautiful socks! :)

R a i n said...

Gorgeous! Congrats on the pattern :)

Pirk said...

WOW, these socks are marvellous!
I am planning to make these this year.
Love them!

Unknown said...

Hi, Lois -

I'm a sock knitter in the US (I'm geminiknitter on ravelry)and I'd love to make these Fa Fa Fa Socks. But when I click on the photo to get the pattern, the message says I've reached the limit for bandwidth for google. Is it available in PDF format? I really like them!!


Loppelill said...

Thanks for the great pattern!

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