Tuesday, July 29, 2008

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Beating the Monday Blues

Snooping around on flickr. Might do another color theme another day.
1. gray gable, finished, 2. crafting 365 - day 168, 3. Malabrigo Delight, 4. misty back, 5. Goldie the dolphin top, 6. Three Skeins, 7. Embossed Leaves, 8. "cape cod" merino wool hand knit scarf, 9. Saartje's bootees, 10. hairclip on hairband, 11. Project 93/365 - Hemlock, 12. crafting 365 - day 145, 13. booga swatch, 14. fiddlehead, 15. picovoli, 16. Clapokauni = fini!, 17. Lu in Blue, 18. Berlin Muster - SKP #2 - In Progress, 19. RVO, 20. A Blue Swirl: on me (C365:126), 21. Top Down Biker Jacket, 22. The Rococo Shawl - Hand Knit Wool & Llama Shawl (in Teal), 23. blue and green wristies, 24. Stackable Cats, 25. Sparkle Beetle butt, 26. Handspun Lisa Souza BFL in Deep Sea, 27. ribbed hat, 28. lady eleanor shawl, 29. Potato Chip Scarf, 30. Log Cabin Afghan, 31. Christmas Cookie Monster for Kristina, 32. Spina di Pesce, 33. 80 done, 80 to go... (C365:100), 34. bunny2, 35. Urban Aran, 36. Drops Tailored Cardigan

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To Meet List

Ravelry has been going on for a while. I started the Singapore Knitters group not too long after I joined. As of today, there's 91 members from either on this island or outside of it. Least too say, I have met more knitters than I ever could. Then again, there's some knitters that's worth mentioning.

Here's my list in no particular order:
- turniptopia - blog
her 1 year old toddler is so like her mom.

- munyee - blog
hope to see her very soon when she returns. I love her pottery items.

- sqpixels - blog
She knits, crochets, bakes and sews.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

recent S.E.X

I had been conducting yarn sprees, the day I knew that Knitpicks doesn't ship international and still doesn't till this day. To buy in bulk with other like minded knitters was great to share cost and shipping. Also, to see people beaming when they receive their yarns, made me continued as the Enabler.

So here's the recent purchase from Nordic.com, which specialises in Garnstudio yarns. I am truely surprised by the quality, as most of the time we could only depend on the reviews in Ravelry. This very first spree justified itself and for future purchases.

A soon to be used up yarn, Kidsilk Night in Moonlight. I got 6 balls for Lily Chin's Reversible Ribbed stole. I must be knitting too much and too fast with this yarn, that I ended up with a wounded index finger. Compared to KSH, there's glitter spun within, so I guess it the glitter that caused the abrasion. Anyways, I order another 6 balls in Port, cuz the price was too hard to resist.

Next up is some cashmere cobweb/lace goodies all the way from UK. I guess those who have bought from the same seller will know who I'm talking about. Each color would be enough for a stole/shawl. All for less than US$60.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Shawls Overload

Overloaded with the number of shawls. I think I miss out a few others which are hiding somewhere in the room. Click on the picture to find out about them.

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