Saturday, March 22, 2008

Printed Bamboo

With the discussion of what yarn to use for Printed Silk Cardigan, I almost forgot about this yarn I bought over ebay. It came at the right time (after waiting for more than 8 weeks). Off I went to knit a swatch, it came up to be slightly big. I went down a needle size and thought it would do.

So here's what you see. I knitted the fronts and back in one piece and they are waiting for the sleeves and neck bands.

Close up on the embossed diamonds.

And I just arrived on Sleevey Island.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Unfortunate incident

Something I received in the mail yesterday. I'm fine with uneveness in the dyeing. But this is absolutely OUT. It doesn't matter if its from the mill end.
Shouldn't the retailer check on each and every hank before sending out?
Didn't they realise that international shipping is on a bullet train to the north?
Even for a 25% off from retail price, they were not obliged to send yarn of decent quality?

I'm definitely getting an exchange.

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