Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Interweave Knits Spring 2008: My Say

Its one of those magazines, which I have 4-5 patterns, that I will knit from. I couldn't say much about the designs till I found the magazine resting on the seater when I reached home last night.

And I'd queued the following on my ravelry account.
Printed Silk Cardigan
I thought I do buy the exact yarn in another color. The price is a little too scary and would end up a hole in my bank account. There were discussions on the yarn subsitution on Ravelry. Possible candidate :
Frog Tree Pima Silk - have not try this before so no comments. Thought this might give good stitch definition.
SWTC Bamboo - I wouldn't use any of this. Bamboo stretches a lot, unless you like your cardigan to go out of shape after just one wash?
Blue Sky Alpaca & Silk - This would work but I'm not looking for something that's woolly.
Debbie Bliss Pure Silk - This would burnt another hole since I need to add a few more skeins to complete the cardigan.

Drawstring Chemise
I always have cotton yarns in the stash, this would be on the needles the moment Fern Path Stole is done.

Cobweb Lace Stole
I like the way its different from conventional stoles I had knitted so far.

Bleeding Hearts Stole
I had always admired Anne Hanson's designs, especially her Japanese Feather Stole, which is also on my queue.

Ladylike Gloves by Eunny looks interesting enough.

2 Loops:

lomester said...

At first this issue did not grab me that much. But the more I look at it, I love the cardigan that you like. I cannot wait to see how yours turns out.

kerlaine said...

my daughter asked me for the cardigan, it looks very nice

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