Tuesday, February 19, 2008

For the longest time

I shall take a little break from the hiatus and do a little update.

New Year was here and gone and so was the Chinese Lunar New Year. And I hope everyone had a good time during Valentines Day. DH gave me a few surprises which almost swept me off my feet. Well I will continue this story another day.

Back to knitting updates.

Even with the new gadgets like Wii and PSP, my needles were always occupied. I actually finished quite a few projects. Including the two below. (No FO pics at the moment though.

Myrtle leaf shawl with willow border

Venezia (more pictures here)

Now I need to get back to Wii Boxing and Trellis (from knitty.com)

6 Loops:

Mira said...

It's a piece of art!!

Happy Chinese New Year too!

Aw said...

the Venezia is pretty and looks so complicated . You are patient indeed!!

angel said...

Your Venezia is Bea-ti-ful! I loved it at first sight at the Interweave but I didn't have the courage to knit it because of all the complicated colourwork. Good job and I look forward to see the FO!

lomester said...

I love the Venezia! Absolutely fantastic!

melusine_tricote said...

Venezia is absolutely faboulus !

kerlaine said...

what a lovely shawl!

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