Saturday, December 31, 2005

Friday, December 30, 2005

VK Winter 2006

some interesting pieces which caught my eyes.

rest of the preview HERE

I started another project during Xmas holiday. and yes, hope everyone have a good knitty start to year 2006.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Before its over

Wishing everyone a Merry merry Christmas!
Best wishes for the year ahead.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Cables, cables, cables, i HEART you

I'm on the heat for cable patterns and as I was reading Purlwise, I happen to come across Bergere de France. They have such yummilicious yarns and patterns. on a sad note, the whole site does not have English translations. Not even the patterns.

Pity me for spending half the day, trying not to get Lost in Translation. With the help of this very good french knitting stitchery and after flipping through the print outs for the zillonth time, I translated the whole pattern into 4 pages of English instructions.

Here's the French instructions. I don't know whether I will be crossing any copyright laws, if you want a copy of the English instructions, do leave your email in the comments. However the English instructions has not been tested, but I'm most willing to guide you along.

If this translation goes well, my next target will be Phildar patterns. since only some of its magazines come with the english inserts. It would be a good thing to know more about french patterns.

Edited to add:This is the yarn called for.

News about the Knit-a-Long over at Knitters Community.

PS. thanks for the comments on my secret sweater.
Kessa: the receiver is yours truely
Ruth & Vivian: cuz I've been poring over the pattern for eons and I did not factor in the hours I had for planning.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


May i present the Secret sweater. Frankly speaking its not much of a secret, if you have bought the yarns from i had the photo taken just after installing the zipper. got the zipper on Friday from Daiso, a Japanese thrift store. coincidentally the yarns were from there there too.

A close up on the cables.

Pattern: Schoeller Stahl Winter 2003/ 2004
Yarn: less than 10 balls of 70%wool/30%acrylic blend
Needle: 4.5mm (US 7)for ribbing, and 5mm (US8)
Size: Small
Time to finish: a little more than 3 weeks

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My point

If I ever need to travel to a cold place, i doubt i will need winter clothing shopping. At this rate of churning out sweaters and cardigans, i may need extra storage space soon. So, i've decided to fine tune my knit list, moving those that need bulky yarns (aran weight and above) to the bottom of the queue, adding more accessories and crocheting stuffs.

and after registering the local group as the official Stitch 'n' Bitch Singapore on global SnB, i have finally move my butt to create a blog for it. it a place to document any knit outs and events. i'm still in the process of setting the affiliation terms.

learning to knit is a process. it can be self taught, through forking out a sum of money to engage a "pro" to teach or even through a group of knitters for free. given the three choices, what's your preference?

as a self learner, i think i learnt more and even some long-time knitters may be surprise how much i have picked during such a short period. it is not the amount of time one had spent knitting, but the knowledges that one has obtained.

every project is a learning curve to me. even a repeated project serves it purpose as i will think of ways to enhance it, be it the fitting or embellishments or finishings.

It's a learning path and I'm strolling passionately on it.

Monday, December 12, 2005

21 days and less

Just when I wanted to take pictures, my digicam's battery ran flat. so you peeps got to wait till my next post.

one of my knitting related prayers was answered last week. phew~ one more to go. things should be settled before end of 2005.

with less than 21 days left in 2005, I doubt I will be able to finish Martha and the lacy cardigan. on a happy note, the secret sweater is almost done. just need to weave in the ends and install the zipper.

Lacy cardigan will be frogged pass the armhole shaping. as i don't think i will need such a long bodice. more stuffs to knit when the next copy of IK reaches my mailbox.

and I need to clear my room in under 8 weeks, cuz Chinese Lunar New Year is really close.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Just Wondering

i was at the two major bookstores on the other day. browsing the magazine section as usual, and quite disappointed that Knitscene is not made available, since its debute in the US.

However, it has always occurred to me where have all the other copies of knitting mags gone? Dozens and dozens of IKs and VKs, not forgetting Cast On, Knit n Style. Knit.1, even Sandra, had been going off the shelves. It can only be knitters/craftsters whom bought them.

The BIG question is: Who are they? What have they been knitting? and where do they knit?

I bet they knit at home. and no signs of SIngaporeans knit bloggers other than those whom I have already known.

If you are knitting in Singapore (local or expat), please give me a sign of your existence. else i may have to find better reason of how the magazines make their way out of the bookstores.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Picture-less update

not another no-picture entry. =P cuz yours truely is truely very busy with :
- temp assignment (8am ~ 5pm)
- (online gaming)
- my secret sweater project (when i'm not doing both of the above.)

it has been months since i woke up with the sun. even after taking breakfast, i still feel sleepy. the good thing about starting work early, my work ends early too as well. with company transport provided, I would be home within 30 mins. no knitting on the way home, as the bus ride is really rough and motion sickness is something I HATE.

the secret sweater is progressing. I'm on sleevie island and about to shape the raglan for both pieces. Front #1 is done. I hope this sweater has a better fit than my first sweater, Mariah.

on another note, Martha is having a long vacation with the Lacy Cardigan. and the saddest news of all, Lacy would be visiting the frog pond for a swim, once i find time for her.

With regards to my previous post on the crazy hoarding, I decide to rein more self discipline and only got 2 balls of Sirdar Breeze in a cream shade for a friend's Ruffles scarf. Sad to say, the LYS does not import other colors of Breeze. I think most of us are already sick of those 7 that's available. and out of those, I only like the cream, pink, and baby blue.

Speaking of Ruffles, I was going to get a copy of Scarf Style at Borders. They used to have at least 3 copies on the shelves whenever I managed to convinced myself to stay away from it. After looking through 3 columns of shelves, Scarf Style I see not. *on the verge of tears* seems like I'm not fated to get it. Anyway, a couple of books are being enrouted to me. With more knitting books, I guess its justifiable for stashing more yarns.

Before i forget, THANK YOU for all the comments about the blog revamp. would be doing another one, once I find time for it.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Break free

It has been months since my last yarn hoarding. since July, i have only 1 hank of Butterfly cotton (for the corset), 1 hank of Alpaca Cloud, 1 ball of Cashsoft Aran on the books. (excluding acrylic stuffs)

I'm really really frightened by the amount of yarn that I will hoard soon. Just by imagination has already set my heart pumping faster, and adrenlina running high.

However this is a planned hoarding, I have already lined up my future projects. It's time to break free from yarn rehab.

PS. still tweaking this layout, the previous one has too much clutterings.

PPS. look out for the snowflakes floating from the top to the bottom of the screen.

Monday, November 21, 2005

For a friend

This sweater was started in March and left with the front to complete. However, little did I know that i will be swamped with my own projects, that I left it as un UFO for nearly 7 months.

Lesson One: all finish a project within 2 - 3 months. I do not know why, but my gauge is totally askewed. I was knitting much tighter and i could hardly transfer the open stitches from the holder to the needle. It was only after completing the front then i discovered about the HUGE difference. Although I did the same number of rows, the front was longer by about 10 rows. So I ended up frogging the piece till after the armhole shaping.

Lesson Two: the first time to pick up stitches for the neckband and a v-neck as well. Details on the second picture.

This sweater is meant for a friend, just in time for Christmas! Actually I volunteered to knit a sweater for him so we went to get the yarn and pattern together. Somehow, this sweater wasn't finished till today.

It could have been finished earlier if not for the change in row gauge. I did some changes to the bodice and armhole lengths. I doubt my friend has a long torso, but he definitely has freaking long arms.

Some thoughts on Sirdar patterns is that I would try to avoid using them. I'm not sure who's fault, but it takes quite a while for me to understand some of the shaping instructions

Pattern: Sirdar Leaflet
Yarn: Sirdar Denim Tweed DK
Needle: 4mm (US 6) and 3.75mm for the ribbings
Size: Small
Time to finish: minus the lapsed time, I think about 1 month

Friday, November 11, 2005

IK Winter 2005

adding these to my very long list of knits.

Brilliant Retro by Teva Durham

I may need to pick up my sock knitting soon. I stumped by the heel and gusset.

Rest of previews are HERE.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

It's been 12 months of knits and purls

not exactly 12 months, a bit more or less as I don't remember exactly when I pick up my first circulars. I'm glad to have my knitting with me, it just suppress the insanity.

With the days counting, I have seen through 2 knit groups and have established one with the kind knitters in Knitters Community. Hope to see more more people enjoying this craft.

This was completed during last weekend. Purple pancakes, it is not. Can someone pinpoint the pattern? No prize for the correct guess though.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

FOs: 1 New and 2 Old

Finally, i have the time to take the pictures. Let's start with the oldest FO. I knitted the vest version as it requires less yarn and would be easier to mix and match with my other clothes.

Pattern: Butterfly, Rowan 37
Yarn: Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Toffee, 1 ball plus a few more metres
Needle: Bryspun Circulars, 4mm (US 6)
Size: Small
Time to finish: slightly less than 2 weeks

When I first browse through this pattern instruction, I almost blackout from it. I was really lost. It was only after joining the KAL and saw some of the finished corset, that drew me back to this pattern. Learnt stuffs like i-cord bind off and cast on. these 2 techniques really give a more sturdy armhole.

Pattern: Corset Tank Top by Annie Modesitt
Yarn: Butterfly Super 10 cotton, less than 2 hanks
Needle: Boye Needlemaster 4mm (US 6)
Size: (smallest)
Time to finish: 2 weeks

Inspired by her, i started this one just 2 mondays ago. This yarn is incredibly soft to knit with. Too bad the DK and Aran weight is not available here. I can't wait to try Cashsoft, I'm sure its just as nice to knit with. I only had 3 balls of this yarn, and I got so paranoid of not have enough yarn. so much that the sash is only half the stitches called for and ended with about 12 grams of yarn left.

Pattern: Rebecca #29 Wrap Cardigan
Yarn: Rowan Cashcotton in Chintz, 3 balls
Needle: Boye Needlemaster 4mm (US 6)
Size: Small
Time to finish: 1 week

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Needle organiser

there's always discussions on how to organise needles, especially circular ones. how to keep them according to sizes, and never have to worry about the cords tangling. i know how frustrating it is to undo all the needles.

my way of organising also helps to keep the cord hanging straight, such that they "lose their mind" and listen to all your biddings. no more bathing them in hot and cold water.

this idea is somehow imitated, but my version needs only scotch tapes, papers and a clothes hanger. you can use cardboards if you have 13364354 needles.

as you can see, there's actually 4 slots for 4 different sizes, make more slots if you have many sizes.

you can even keep this in the wardrobe, that way you can hide from the world of the 14686350 needles which you have.

my needles have been hanging in this way the day i took them out of their packaging. so far i have only happy knitting experiences with them.

Friday, October 21, 2005

The GIT (Un)official To Knit List

in case you are baffled by what's GIT, take a look at this blog's name. :)

In order to make my stash diminish soon, i need to have a list. and for every 3 FOs, i shall reward myself with a little yarn spree. shall muster all my discipline to the end.

1. Rebecca 29 pattern #38 - Katia Capri

2. Rebecca Eyelet Wrap - Rowan Cashsoft ( i might need to get one more ball)

3. Joy from Rowan VIntage Style - Rowan Cotton Glace

4. Saffy from Rowan Denim People - Knitpicks Shine

5. Thyme from Rowan Summer Tweed - Summer Tweed

6. Madli Shawl from IK - Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud Jaggerspun Zephyr

Edited to add:
7. VK Lacy Caridgan - Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud


A) either Filatura di Crosa Zara or Schoeller Stahl Merino Stretch
for a cable sweater, this is going to be a pretty expensive. i have check out the prices for both yarns, it seems like Zara is much more expensive due to yardage. moreover Merino Stretch is the recommended yarn for this pattern. the store owner would have to place a special order for it. and this could cost a whole lot extra.

B) Rowan Felted Tweed and matching KSH for Elfin sweater. Both yarns need to be purchase online. another big budget project.

now the question lies in which plunge should i take. decisions...decisions...decisions...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

When i'm not knitting

You would most probably find me mapling with SuzieSushi, my Fire Mage in the game. she's now at level 38 and i hope to achieve 40 by end of this week. if you are on maplesea, find me on Aquila server.

back on Hopeful's wool cotton color selection, I do go with Hiss, if it's available at the LYS, else i will settle with the Cleckheaton Machine washable wool. I might also frog the not-so-mysterious project, so i can use the yarn for the Rebecca Eyelet wrap, inspired by Vanessa.

besides Hopeful and the wrap cardigan, I'm also sitting here, in awed of THIS. I have yarn for it but was quite hesitant to start. perhaps i'm suffering from a knitter's block.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

random updates

Martha is taking a break before heading to the sleevie island. while i continue to make myself understand the instructions for my not-so-mysterious project.

and i'm on a yarn hunt for my secret sweater. i'm looking at 16 ~ 18 sts per 4 inches. wool blend would be nice. any reccommendations?

and i leave you with knitty's three new surprises.

Thursday, October 13, 2005


- of camera
- of yarns
- of inspirations

and most importantly
- of $$$

no photos as my camera is now in the midst of Shanghai. hope my folks take care of it. else they will get a brand new one as replacement. *tsk tsk*

why is it everytime i look at my stash, i don't seem to find something suitable for a pattern. even i spent time swatching, the Little Voice just keep nagging that its never gonna make it for the correct gauge. isn't this frustrating? i think this happens to lots of knitters out there.

everytime we will stash up if there's a sale or a bulk purchase (think yarncoop). hoping that this will save us some buckaroos. infact we are spending even more, spending on yarns which we don't know what it is for. even if we did plan ahead, are we going to stick to it? hardly, but personally i did for a few projects. however i really feel unhappy with some of my stash. would most probably destash soon. and i will stick to buying yarns for a single project at anytime.

on a happy note, i have finally keep to "one project at a time". no more multiple projects on my interchangeble needles. or perhaps i don't need this set any longer. might sell it for yarns? beats me.

another happier note, i did a check on my completed projects since last year when i learnt to knit. and i have been sticking to most of what i intend to knit.

1. Wavy scarf -
2. Cable poncho - VK Holiday '04
3. Mariah -
4. Clapotis -
5. Cozy -
6. Silky - Sirdar leaflet
7. Honeymoon cami -
8. Flower Basket Shawl - IK Winter 04
9. Orangina - Glampyre
10. Tivoli - Grumperina
11. Kiri -
12. Audrey - Rowan 35
13. Lucky clover wrap - SnBN
14. Spring Fling -
15. Silk Corset -
16. Butterfly - Rowan 37
17. Birch - Rowan 34

Upcoming projects crossing my fingers and toes that they will be kept.
1. Martha - Rowan 37, on the needles now
2. Sirdar sweaater, got to finish it before Xmas
3. Light blue cardi from Rebecca 29
4. Phildar cami
5. Hopeful, going to get Rowan Wool Cotton for this pattern. Tell me which is nice, ok?

Deepest Olive

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Knitting Inventory update

This post will be updated as and i stash or de-stash.
UPDATED: 29 Sept 2006, ALL items in BOLD are for sale and swap


10 x Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4ply
Shade: Enchant
Gauge: 28sts

5 x Knitpicks Wool of Andes 110yds
Shade: Coal
Gauge: 4.5 ~ 5 st

4 x Knitpicks Merino Style 123yds
Shade: Fog
Gauge: 5.5 st

12 x Phildar Aviso
Shade: Ficelle
Gauge: 16st

6 x Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool
Shade: Chocolate
Gauge: 22st

6 x Rowanspun Aran
Shade: Heath
Gauge: Aran weight

7 x Jaeger Luxury Tweed
Shade: Pebble
Gauge: 22st

5 x Rowan 4 ply cotton
Shade: Bleached
Gauge: 28st

10 x Australian Superwash wool from Taipei
Shade: brown
Gauge: DK

4 x Bendigo Rustic 12 ply
Shade: Agate
Gauge: 18st
(Please note that all Bendigo yarns are of 200gram balls.)

1 x Bendigo Alpaca 8 ply
Shade: Prism
Gauge: 20st

2 x Bendigo 4 ply cotton
Shade: New Blue
Gauge: 28st

2 x Bendigo 4 ply cotton
Shade: Lime
Gauge: 28st

1 x Bendigo Colonial
Shade: White
Gauge: DK

12oz Jaggerspun Zephyr
Shade: Aegean Blue
Gauge: Lace wt

8 x Jaeger Siena 140m/153yds
Shade: 423 Petunia
Lot: 1414240
Gauge: 28st/38rows

2 x Regia Sock yarn
Shade: ?
Gauge: ?

2 x Lorna Laces Shepherd Socks
Shade: Purple Iris

1 x Trekking XXL
Shade: 100

7 x (no brand)
Shade: 4 in red wine and 3 in varigated of blues and greens
Gauge: same as KSH

5 x Jaeger Trinty
Shade: Hibiscus
Gauge: DK weight

2 x Bendigo 4 ply cotton
Shade: Lotus
Gauge: 28st

8 x Rowan 4 ply Soft
Shade: Buzz
Gauge: 28 sts /10 cm

6 x Kanebo fingering weight wool
Shade: dark dusty rose
Gauge: 33sts/10cm

8 2 x Rowan 4 ply Cotton 170m/186yds
Shade: Trutti Frutti
Gauge: 28st/38rows

4 3 x Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud
Shade: Iris x 2, Midnight x 3
Gauge: Lace weight

2 x Knitpicks Sock Garden 220yds
Shade: Hydrangea
Gauge: 7-8st

1 x Bendigo 8 ply cotton
Shade: Lilac
Gauge: DK

2 x Knitpicks Simple Stripes 231yds
Shade: Snapdragon
Gauge: 7-8st

10 x Rowan Cotton Glace 115m/125yds
Shade: 810 Splendor
Lot: 20E4
Gauge: 23st/32rows

3 x Rowan Kidsilk Haze
Shade: Majestic

1 x RYC Cashsoft 4 ply 197yds
Shade: Baby Blue
Gauge: 28st/36rows

4 x Debbie Bliss Cathay 100m/109yds
Shade: 01 Black
Gauge: 22st/30rows

10 x Noro Silk Garden
Shade: #88
Gauge: 18st

4 x Sirdar Pure Cotton 4 ply
Shade: Pink
Gauge: 28st/38rows

1 x Boye Needlemaster
1 x Denise Interchangebles
and 15 sets of assorted circular needles
2 x Clover dpns size US1

1 x Clover pink chibi
1 x retractable measuring tape
80 x beaded-head pins (for blocking)
5 x stitch holders
26 x beaded stitch and row markers

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Rowan International

Here I am sitting on the fence whether to subscribe to Rowan mag. With Laura's reminder, I went in search and found this discussion.

So i guess i will only subscribe if Rowan does not fail to churn out good patterns for the next magazines. The fee does covers everything even the free yarn kit, consider the fact Kidsilk Haze in not available in Singapore. One more pro is that, i can extend the discount on books to my fellow local knitters.

Above all, I still feel the pinch to spent 30Pounds (about SGD100). Shoot me!

In view of my new found assignment, which requires me to burn 8-9 hours, i'm really behind my knitting schedule. *pouts*

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

VK Holiday 2005

I'm in love with these two.

You can preview the mag HERE

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

title-less or Buttonless

After bringing my corset around for button hunting, there's still no luck in finding the right one. its either out of stock or it just dun suit the corset. is finding a simple button so tough? *pouts*

My second project with KSH within a month. as the photo says, i am on my second ball. Birch is really an easy pattern. I have not been refering to the pattern instructions after the first pattern repeat. I would do this again, if not for the 299 cast on.

I'm on the hunt for rectangular lace shawl patterns. would be using the Jaggerspun Zephyr. yummy!!! any free patterns to reccomend?

Ruth's in town

Ruth, together with her hubby, was in town 2 days ago. Cara, Matilda and me met up with them. brought them around central area for some yarn store hopping. You can find our group photo on my flickr account.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Singapore SnB Ball Winding Party

This session was planned with the purpose of teaching those who has never wind any yarn in their life before, or need motivation to get the windig process going (yes, people like me). Needless to say, we all had great fun winding up hanks of Shimmers and Alpaca Clouds. You can see all of us were busy winding and none were oblivious to my photo taking. Why is Yours Truly not in the photos again? cuz she finished winding first in time to catch the rest in winding action on photos.

How many more yards to go? wrists and arms are aching... :(

ok! last few yards to go.

at last, all our hanks of yarns into balls.

hope you girls have not developed a phobia on ball winding. LOL

Last but not least, we had vanilla_sea79 joining us. and Ghostknitter dropped by to say hi.

After the party, i made a trip to the bookstore and found a similar pattern of the UO shrug. Take a LOOK.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Reporting on my Butterfly progress, it had been a love-hate thing with KSH. I used the prescribed needle size and found the YOs to be too huge. as many KSH fans had experienced, ripping KSH is really a pain at you-know-where. if a mistake is discovered early, unknitting would be very much encouraged. And sometimes a dose of dark chocolate is the best remedy when you need to do stitches like p3tog, p2tog tbl and etc. As I'm blogging now, I'm waiting for the rain to go away so that i can bring my tripod to the park for some photo taking on the completed Butterfly. seems like its going to continue till the sun goes down. Till then please enjoy this photo of the lacey frill. and the chocolates are courtesy of a special friend.

Look out for the long awaited Audrey, the sleeve-ed Spring Fling and the Lucky Clover wrap on my next post

Next up is yarn porn. scroll down if u dare and tell me the colors you can spot.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tagged One

Ten Years Ago
I went for my first campfire on St John island, a place where it used to house inmates and drug addicts many many moons ago. I don't usually get the chance to stay out for a long period of time without my folks. You can tell how protective they are towards their children.

Five Years Ago
A fresh diploma holder back then. Found a job quickly even though the economy was quite slow after the crisis hit Asia. and i stayed in that company for almost 3 years.

One Year Ago
I was in a sale position which allows me to travel in the Asiapac region. gain lots of experience and know lots of people. no longer was I a country pumpkin :p more street-wise i guess.


Five Snacks
-Dark Chocolates, at least 70% cocoa content
-Potato Chips, give me sour cream & onion anytime.
-Ben & Jerry's icecreams
-Meiji's range of snacks

Five Songs I Know All The Words To
-Heaven Knows by Richard Marx
-Everything i do it for you by Bryan Adams
-To Where You Are by Josh Groban
-Perfect by Simple Plan
-Superwoman by Karyn White

Five Things I'd Do With 100 Million Bucks
-Start a charitable foundation
-Provide for my family
-Get a yarn mill (then i can knit to my heart's content, never to be afraid of running out of yarn)
-Create job opportunities
-Invest, invest and invest (make money grow)

Five Places I'd Run Away To

Five Things I Would Never Wear
-Anything that's chilli red in color
-Fishnet stockings, garter belts
-baggy jeans
-no punk stuffs

Five TV Shows
-Desperate Housewives
-Hong Kong dramas

Five Joys
-each time i finish a project
-Yarn Shopping and all forms of spree
-opening boxes of goodies like yarns, clothings...imagine xmas
-able to knit fulltime when i'm still looking for a job :p
-spending time with love ones

Five Things To Do, Just For Me, Before I Die
-Find the ONE
-Try all extreme sports
-Ride all the roller coasters on the world
-Reach the highest peak
-more MEMEs

I think lots of people have been tagged on this one, so shall tag other next time round.

a little break before i continue

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Modeling my FOs

Finally I found the tripod in the house. The adjusting of the tripod height and angle, the zooming and etc took quite a while. I still need to adjust the lightings of the room. Seems like there's not enough natural light coming into my room.

First photo is me in Mariah. The zipper looks kind of weird in the photo. For my next sweater, I'm going to get more shaping and plenty of cables. More stories on Mariah is here

Pattern: Mariah from
Yarn: Caressa from Patons (500g)
Needle: 4mm (US 6)
Size: Small
Time to finish: 1 month

The very well known Tivoli. This is my first seamless project. Learnt stuffs like bind-offs/casting on mid-row. This pattern calls for the exact amount of yarns, I was left with less than a metre of yarn. I think i left out one increase as i have a smaller hip. This is great for mindless knitting in front of the TV or on road trips. Did i mention a portion of this was knitted during my trip to KL. And also there this new version called Picovoli

Pattern: Tivoli from Grumperina
Yarn: 4 balls of Debbie Bliss Cathay in black
Needle: 4mm (US 6)
Size: Small
Time to finish: <2 weeks

Needless to say which lace pattern this is. I actually knitted this in the round after the armholes and only had 3 inches of ribbing, cuz the ribbing was boring me to dreamland. and Mom is showing interest in this piece as well. I might have to knit her in a bigger zize, which means more yarn and more $$$ spent.

Pattern: Orangina from Glampyre
Yarn: less than 4 balls of Jaeger Siena in Phlox
Needle: 3.25mm (US 3) and 2.75mm (US 2) for ribbing
Size: X-Small
Time to finish: <2 weeks

Edited to reply to comments:
Tari: due to the difference in gauge, it was my first sweater, so gauge was not my first priority.

rosalynn: i think its Patons from Australia

To All: thanks for the kind comments. You girls really spur me on for more knitting.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Stashing again

These are Jaggerspun Zephyr. and were aquired during a recent spree with the girls in the group.

Erin, take a look at your Lady Slipper which is on the top, Cara's Coral on the right. My Aegean Blue's on the left.

The Good begets good

and the EVIL begets EVIL

I have been too frank/blunt/straightforth/honest/naive/nice to some people. The first phase's aint true at all. I hope with all my heart the second would.

*** ***

My heart goes out to those who were in the affected areas where Katrina blast by.

Knitting content will resume once I get over things within myself.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Kiri is a FO

This was an easy knit but it did get tedious with 200+ purl stitches when i was up to the 9th repeat. *fakes fainting*

Eilene, here's pics of my kiri after blocking.
I know I did not do a good job in blocking again. on the other hand, my cast off was rather tight, even though i used a much bigger needle.

A close up of the motifs. Lovely isn't it?

Pattern: Kiri Shawl from
Yarn: Alpaca Cloud in Iris from Knitpicks, 1 hank
Needle: Birch 4mm and 5.5mm circular needles

Sunday, August 21, 2005

I'm Interchangeable

You are interchangeable.
Fun, free, and into everything, you've got every
eventuality covered and every opportunity just
has to be taken. Every fiber is wonderful, and
every day is a new beginning. You are good at
so many things, it's amazing, but you can
easily lose your place and forget to show up.
They have row counters for people like you!

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Being Loved

My Flower Basket Shawl Tutorial is being loved by ChicKnits.

This cast on is also great for the Kiri Shawl or any neck down triangular shawls.

Gonna finish my Kiri today. pics of blocking to follow. :)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

From hanks to balls to UFOs

a peek at my knitting basket.

I really hate seaming sleeves, worst still when it comes to lace patterns. The picture is proof.
Spring Fling

I need a quick fix of stockingnette stitches, so here's the back piece of Ginger from Rowan Summer Tweed Collection.

Last up is Kiri in Iris, from Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud. I'm on the 7th repeat.

Monday, August 08, 2005

My First Sock Update

Never have sock knitting crossed my mind, even after seeing other knitting socks away. I have always been skeptical that, who would want to wear wool on their feet in the midst of 34 degrees C??

Armed with sock yarns from my wonderful SP-oiler, i started google-ing for basic sock patterns. and i decided to start with here. however, I'm currently stuck with the short rowing of the heel.

Here's a few pics of my progress.

This is achieved after frogging several times. *sigh x 69346596349*

Slightly more than 24 hours later.

I shall summarise a little of my meetup with the KL knitters 2 weekends ago. (Oh my gosh, i didn't realise that time passes so fast even when one's not holding a job.)

The first thing which impressed me was the traffic in KL. I have never experience jams at 10pm+ in SG. The coach driver decided to stop like 2 blocks away from the terminal and had all passengers to alight. thank goodness i had been to KL before and Vanessa was there to pick me up. a BIG Thank You to Van for letting me bunk in with her during my stay in KL. <<< HUGS >>>

The next day, I met up with the majority of the gang. I have no photos to show, cuz the waiter wasn't well versed in photography. anyways, pics can be found here and here.

Not much shopping done, but i still scored 2 tees (Thanks to Van again!) and 3 pairs of sandals.

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