Wednesday, September 28, 2005

title-less or Buttonless

After bringing my corset around for button hunting, there's still no luck in finding the right one. its either out of stock or it just dun suit the corset. is finding a simple button so tough? *pouts*

My second project with KSH within a month. as the photo says, i am on my second ball. Birch is really an easy pattern. I have not been refering to the pattern instructions after the first pattern repeat. I would do this again, if not for the 299 cast on.

I'm on the hunt for rectangular lace shawl patterns. would be using the Jaggerspun Zephyr. yummy!!! any free patterns to reccomend?

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Anonymous said...

hmmm do you wanna try using ribbon or something to thread the holes? like old fashion kind of way? or maybe you won't like it this way..

just a suggestion :P


Lolly said...

good luck finding buttons--the corset is very pretty. great color!

Miffy said...

maybe use pearls? i think might look nice, or ribbons?

yuvee said...

It's so pretty!!I love the colour ;)
Good luck with finding the button, I know it could be a little frustating. You must be dying to wear it already!!

stephanie said...

the corset is lovely and so is birch. have you looked at folk shawls by cheryl oberle? Also, there is a yahoo group mystery stole along that was very pretty the mystery is over, but the pattern is still there. or go to pink lemon twist, melanie's blog, she ran the stole along.

natasha said...

i cannot believe how gorgeous your knitting is! how long have you been knitting? sheesh! i cannot wait to see it on you! one of my friends secret pals(is it you?) got this pattern and she said it was too insane for her to knit...and you made it! you should take the master knitter test! goodness! you rock! and i love the maple leaves on your blog. really gorgeous.

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