Saturday, September 24, 2005

Singapore SnB Ball Winding Party

This session was planned with the purpose of teaching those who has never wind any yarn in their life before, or need motivation to get the windig process going (yes, people like me). Needless to say, we all had great fun winding up hanks of Shimmers and Alpaca Clouds. You can see all of us were busy winding and none were oblivious to my photo taking. Why is Yours Truly not in the photos again? cuz she finished winding first in time to catch the rest in winding action on photos.

How many more yards to go? wrists and arms are aching... :(

ok! last few yards to go.

at last, all our hanks of yarns into balls.

hope you girls have not developed a phobia on ball winding. LOL

Last but not least, we had vanilla_sea79 joining us. and Ghostknitter dropped by to say hi.

After the party, i made a trip to the bookstore and found a similar pattern of the UO shrug. Take a LOOK.

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ashke said...

It kind of looks like a vest instead of a scarf.

=D Nice pictures!

Vanessa said...

Look like you girls really had a great time winding up those yarn. What japanese mag is the UO shrug featured on?

yuvee said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!! Pity I can't see you in the pics ;)
Anyway, the construction looks similar with UO shrug, but this one sure looks much baggier.

Laura.Y said...

That ball winding party really look so fun! That really look like a oversized shrug huh? :)

celia said...

looks like fun, if a lot of work. did you wind using the thumb method? oh my, I don't know how you managed, if you did.

Chrissie said...


great to see you guys still out there knitting ... I thought the singapore public knitting meet ups were over since they started taking place at Emilyn's, but would live to join you next month or so.

Lois, were do you get KSH from? I ran out of yarn on a suspended project and have been having a hard time trying to get a last matching ball ... finally gave up and ripped back, but bonus is, if you have used 2 strands of KSH like I did it's much easier to rip.

The Zephyr looks good. How much and which site would you recommend? Email me if you gals are having another yarn spree. I may just buy some from the US anyway. said...

wow, what a fun time!

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