Saturday, April 30, 2011

From Twitter 04-29-2011

  • 00:14:13: @ssedro the store was offline this afternoon
  • 07:27:34: @ssedro u managed to get yours? i might go try my luck at the stores later.
  • 07:47:46: @Knitcafe no la.....q for what? avail stock then buy
  • 08:38:44: @Knitcafe u can check one of FB post from ytd for prices
  • 09:18:06: @ssedro will u be getting the wifi only or wifi + 3G?
  • 09:27:31: @ssedro still on the fence between the two...let's see which has stock left when i decide to get it. :p
  • 09:28:49: its the #RoyalWedding in less than 12 hours! can't wait to see the dress and the new princess.
  • 09:29:16: @reimasae so happening!!!!
  • 13:28:59: seems like most wifi+3g model was sold out this morning. give me more time to cool down and think abt it. still waiting for ipad2 JB.
  • 16:43:15: trust no woman or man
  • 18:04:02: jus time to see Kate's dress. blew me away instantly #rw2011

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Friday, April 29, 2011

From Twitter 04-28-2011

  • 09:15:18: hey i am not a wall, stop leaning so close to me. btw, u dun smell good. *pinch nose*
  • 09:22:46: @meishanl not tired. but its nice to break off in the prime. that what most celebrities did, died or retire in their prime.... haha
  • 11:44:29: ipad 2, shld i get one with 3G or without?
  • 13:56:34: @smoochsg noticed that Chandelier Mirror is not on BO...... :S
  • 14:19:53: @smoochsg thanks, will keep a look out
  • 14:30:38: omg, queus are forming to get ipad2. *faint*

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Thursday, April 28, 2011

From Twitter 04-27-2011

  • 08:35:46: @meishanl good ah...i dun wanna live so long. *continues to sit*
  • 11:13:44: should i have mos burger today? since ytd's budget was free up.
  • 11:44:32: so hungry i can eat my lipbalm for lunch
  • 13:26:53: HOHO....Its real holiday for me on 7 May.
  • 14:40:27: "I will look after you for the next 5 years", says MM Lee - General Election 2011 via @AddThis
  • 14:49:06: @Knitcafe my grc walkover ma... i might push KO to sunday instead
  • 15:07:18: @smoochsg any chance of BO for the Chandelier Mirror Necklace? i was too slow during the launch.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

When i put aside knitting

Then what would I be doing? It's shopping, not of wool or yarn, but of apparels. So I guess retail therapy still works out pretty well for me.

So the local shopping scene is much similar to the yarn industry. You will find brick and mortar boutiques or online blogshops (BS). Glad to say that I saved up quite a bit which goes in the money for yarn. In between launches of BSs, I will work on my latest project. This sound like stalking for Wollmeise yarn every friday. Anyhow, this post is a short review for a few BSs which I had patronised and in no particular order of ranking.

BS for shoes are hard to come by. Few BSs will have a pair once in a while. So this is indeed rare for shoes lovers. However, the thing about shoes is that you need to try on. Buying based on measurement given could be risky at times. My first pair was passed to my mom cuz I got pretty wide feet. So I might go one size up for their pretty flats. Owner is a young pretty lass out to venture in the world of fashion. Still, I am looking forward to her next collection on thursday.

Known previously as Set up by 2 ladies, Sarah & Mery, with a great and unique fashion senses. Quality of apparels had only failed me once, when the measurement given was off. However, that piece was returned and I had my refund. Everything was done in a timely manner, kudos to their customer service. With that in mind, I had made more purchases and even recommended to friends. My biggest wish is that they could bring in more stock for their items. They always ran out within a minute of the launch. Being on backorder is the other way to your items.

Their clothes are quite affordable despite being on dot com basis. Dot com shops do have more overheads, especially when they are doing very good on LJ and move over to dot com. They will need a good server that supports them during each launch. In their previous carnation, I had a few qualms about them due to their website going down when they do an update. Once being item short delivered and other times having to wait for their page to load while my item went out of stock during check out. Currently, they placed their shop on, which I hope they do not increase their prices. Shopping experience since the change had been smooth but items run out within 2 minutes. Faster fingers win the game.

Another one which move to dot com recently. Unlike SMooch, they do not keep a data base for customers to trace their orders (so does Hollyhoque). Its something which is very essential to customers. They to know their payment confirmations, delivery or even credit notes. I find it a waste of effort to move to dot com if owners do not take customers seriously by not improving. Its a giant step to move on, but does their service getting in the same direction and speed? I seriously doubt so. I used to love shopping on their LJ launches and received some lovely items.
Ever since their move, I had stop not in spite of their service but of their designs and quality. I had read negative feedbacks on local forums hence this shop will be on the backseat unless they up a few notches on their website config.

This is the biggest and most successful ones that move to dot com last August. There were also issues with server problems during their few initial launches but were all ironed out subsequently with dedicated servers. It's not a wonder when a few thousand people are loading their browsers to check out on new items. I do get their basic items once in a while. Prices had a hike since their move so there are times when items were overpriced

I do love to mention other BS, but will leave it to next round.

From Twitter 04-26-2011

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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

From Twitter 04-25-2011

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Monday, April 25, 2011

From Twitter 04-24-2011

  • 16:34:30: finally get my hands on dean's breakfast and hb's on darling's eggs from The Plain

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

From Twitter 04-23-2011

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Friday, April 22, 2011

From Twitter 04-21-2011

  • 13:49:37: @smoochsg will Chandelier Mirror Necklace be restock or BO?
  • 16:13:40: ppl around are quite hyped up for the JP Morgan run later...pray no rain k.
  • 18:47:15: and wkend just started. so precious

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Thursday, April 21, 2011

From Twitter 04-20-2011

some ppl are over buying and some are just lazy to shop. but doesnt shopping and wearing new stuffs cheers one up?
@mypreciouschest hi is the Chic Drape necklace still avail?
@mypreciouschest how do i reserve one?
darn! its way too crowded at #theplaincafe. gonna try our luck this weekend. no reservations on wkends. booooo!!
came home to a mailbox packed with YARN!

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

We went to the Zoo

Well, when was the last time I hit the zoo? Too long to remember, perhaps more than the fingers on one hand. Anyways, we made our way to Singapore Zoo on his birthday. How creative can a wife be? Hah, that's me. The birthday guy got free entrance and a complimentry scoop of ice cream from Ah-Meng's Restaurant. Too bad no Ben & Jerry's though.

My favorite shot of the day.

Knitting while off the grindstone is probably boring me out soon. As I kept finishing way too fast and sifting for pattern that might intrigue me enough to cast on is not catching up.

A pair of socks probably take me at most 6 days. On average, I clocked at least 1 item a week. Still, the yarns are aplenty. Meanwhile, am stocking up a few hanks in the Knitpicks spree.

Back to pattern looking on ravelry.

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