Saturday, April 30, 2011

From Twitter 04-29-2011

  • 00:14:13: @ssedro the store was offline this afternoon
  • 07:27:34: @ssedro u managed to get yours? i might go try my luck at the stores later.
  • 07:47:46: @Knitcafe no la.....q for what? avail stock then buy
  • 08:38:44: @Knitcafe u can check one of FB post from ytd for prices
  • 09:18:06: @ssedro will u be getting the wifi only or wifi + 3G?
  • 09:27:31: @ssedro still on the fence between the two...let's see which has stock left when i decide to get it. :p
  • 09:28:49: its the #RoyalWedding in less than 12 hours! can't wait to see the dress and the new princess.
  • 09:29:16: @reimasae so happening!!!!
  • 13:28:59: seems like most wifi+3g model was sold out this morning. give me more time to cool down and think abt it. still waiting for ipad2 JB.
  • 16:43:15: trust no woman or man
  • 18:04:02: jus time to see Kate's dress. blew me away instantly #rw2011

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