Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Yarns from Hongkong

Met up with Maryann and Erin right after my HK trip. Have a great time meeting Maryann for the first time after chatting over MSN for so long, and also long time no see Erin. Time passes very fast when you either knit or talk about knitting. How I wish we can do this several time over again.

Ok, I know there's people here who are anxious to know what yarns i bought back.
Not much, as the price is still quite steep. Anyways, I grabbed 13 sets of addis in various lenghts and sizes. I think I be will back for more Puppy yarn if financially I'm allowed.

Lastly, I thank everyone, who either left me a comment or over msn and email, for their well wishes on my engagement. Right now is to try bargain with FH not to have the Chinese Customary wedding. I think this might be a wedding prep blog temporary.

ROM Checklist
- Date
- JP
- Venue
- Photographer
- Make Up & Hair
- Efile
- Rings
- Dress
- Ring Pillow
- Shoes
- Flowers
- Invitation Card
- His’s Shirt
- His’s Pants
- His’s Shoes
- His’s Belt
- His’s Tie
- His’s Cufflinks
- Guestlist

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another Beginning

I will talk about the title at the end of this post. Now I should update on my recent trip to the Fragrant Port also know as the Pearl of the Orient, Hong Kong.

Poor SO touch HK with a minor food poison. We suspected it was the breakfast he took. The first day was spent loitering along the streets alone while SO rested in the hotel. Anyways, he managed to pull himself up and accompanied me to Sammi Cheng's concert at the HK Coliseum. Just to share a clip of Sammi's rendition of I will Follow You. In fact the round platform is actually suspended real high. I guess the fans were actually quite worried that she might fall. The acapella at the end was great too!

Nothing beats attending Sammi's concert in HK. Even her concerts held in Singapore was only 75% of the full concert. Sad to know that, she's going to skip Singapore for this round of world tour.

Day 2 was spent shopping and eating, then more shopping and eating. The process just continues till we almost drop dead. It would have been more fruitful if not for the rainy weather. Anyways, on the third day, the sun came out and we made our way to Ocean Park. I think the picture on the left tells a better story of Another Beginning. Yep, he actually popped the question on the roller coaster. How innovative can he be? It was the least expected from him and it set me going dizzy even when the coaster wasn't that exhilarating. Thank goodness the ring wasn't lost while we were on the ride. Of course you may have guessed my answer to him. :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Not Exactly a Bag Whore

At least I hasn't been one for a long time. Who would complain of having too many bags? My SO only laments on the limited space he has for his clothes and shoes. Anyway, that doesn't stop him from shopping more. I would be the one to drag him out of the sales and shopping malls. I just hope he doesn't drag me out of yarn stores. Anyways, my yarn stash isn't as horrible as his bursting wardrobe. LOL~

Just to share some of my WANTs here, from my wishlist of course.
Batognolles Horizontal

Montaigne Clutch in black (can't seem to find it in black) This is so much more classy in black Epi leather. And it's love at first sight.

Both are about the same price range, however if it comes to practicality, the Batognolles Horizontal will have lots of uses. In the first place, it is spacious enough to chuck my knitting pouch inside and still have plenty of room for my other stuffs. So far, I have spotted 2 BH users on the subway every morning. Will I be the third? Although the GST hike is a good encouragement, I still have my reservations, and if the local boutique has it in stock.

*crossing fingers and toes*

On to knitting news, Thermal currently up to the point where there's a lot of shaping and stuffs to be done and isn't a great project to bring while traveling. So, I started a lace shawl project its from THe Best of Knitters called Lace Dream. Will get back with more updates once I'm back home. Have a good week ahead!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Fila di Nerissa

Ok, I am just that bad with titles. I was destashing very hard for the past couple of months, as I foresee new stash on their way. And I'm glad that I got the latest issue of Rowan 41. It helped me get rid of 4 balls and 3 balls remains. If anybody wants them, its going at US$18 for the whole lot of 3. (inclusive of shipping).

Ok here comes Nerissa.
Pattern: Nerissa from Rowan 41
Yarn: Filatura di Crosa Millefili Fine- 100% cotton, Shade 209, 4 balls
Needle: Clover metal, size 5, 3.6mm
Size: XS
Time to finish: less than 2 weeks.
I had a really hard time trying to catch the truest color for the yarn. The closest is probably the first picture. A very soft and easy yarn to work with. Of course, good stitch definition.

Pattern-wise, its very easy, the stitch pattern is easily memorise after a couple of repeats. Amongst Rowan patterns, Nerissa has the least finishings to be done. I tried to follow closely to the instructions, 'cept for the length cuz I was using something with a smaller gauge.

With the lack of models, I am not able to show u how stretchy the stitch pattern is. Do not worry if it look smaller than usual while knitting. That'e the way how ribbing looks like.

Last but not least, I give thanks to all who left comments about my Teal Feathers. Thank you so much!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Teal Peacock Feathers

This FO had been in the closet for a few months. I was just too lazy to take it out. This is probably one of those which I will keep. And since I took it out today, I might as well take plenty of pictures of it. So may I present to you the Peacock in all its glory.

Pattern: Peacock Feathers Shawl by Fiddlesticks
Yarn: Jaggerspun Zephyr - Teal, less than 4 oz
Needle: 3.5mm Inox grey, size 5 crochet hook (I might be wrong about the hook size)
Size: n/a
Time to finish: 6 weeks

This was started last year right. It did not get finished till before Chinese New Year. Why? Cuz it wasn't portable as it was knitted from a cone. (I can jolly well see myself knitting from a cone very soon.) Anyways, then came the blocking. My back was aching after spending more than an hour pining and getting the edging into shape. But all was worth it!

The pattern is well organized. The charts are easy to follow. The design is very intelligent to create the feather motifs, especially the "eyes". The only dread is to crochet the edgings, but they were the icings on the cake.

Jaggerspun is a true winner for lace projects. Whenever I start looking for lace weight yarns, it is always Zephyr that came to mind. I still have 1 lb of 4 different shades to play with.

I shall leave you with more pictures.

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