Sunday, December 10, 2006

Madly Madli's Shawl

Life has to move along so here I am, back with real knitting content.

Madli's was finished recently and I only had the time to take some pictures of it. As usual, I wasn't able to find a photographer so no modeling again. After blocking, the length came to be taller than me.

Pattern: Madli's Shawl by Nancy Bush
Yarn: less than 4 oz of Jaggerspun Zephyr in Ruby
Needle: 3.5mm Inox (grays)
Size: NA
Time to finish: slightly more than a week

This is the second time I worked with Zephyr, its still terrific to work with. The final product looked great. And I'm still working with Zephyr currently on the Peacock Feathers Shawl in Teal. I'm 1/3 away from finishing Chart 7. As its being knitted from a cone, it became a little unportable. Also, as the number of stitches increased, progress was getting extremely slow. Anyway, here's the blob of teal:

Meanwhile, its time for bed. Nitez~

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Maureen said...

That's absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful work.

Anonymous said...


My parents lived in Singapore for two years and I fell in love with it when I visited.

Anonymous said...

madli's is divine!! in fact both shawls look gorgeous! i can't wait to see the peacock feather shawl finished.

yuvee said...

absolutely gorgeous!

ruth said...

and i love your color choice too (esp that light blue) =)

Kessa said...

Everyone said it, but I'm gonna say it again. Not because I'm a parrot but because its true!



Sally said...

Gosh! just slightly more than a week, you're fast!
It's beautiful....

Elli said...

that's gorgeous, Lois! And how on earth did you finish that it just over a week? I'm in awe :)

Beverly said...

Beautiful! My you are speedy.

Bobbi said...

It's beautiful!

Sarah said...

Beautiful, just beautiful! I just found your blog, but loving your work! You make gorgeous things :)

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