Thursday, December 28, 2006


Prior to the latest earthquake, I lost the ability to post from home with my PC. I was able to surf all over but just unable to post through blogger. It started when I upgraded to Blogger Beta. But hey, I manage to solve this by upgrading my Firefox and setting the security to the lowest. So if I gonna disappear, means I've got virus somewhere. *sigh*

Anyway, back to the knitting front, I've got so much to update you people that I don't know where to start. First thing first, Peacock Feathers Shawl was off the block days before Christmas. And I cast on for Cherry during the holidays but found out I was out of yarn. So time to check out for stuffs. Hope to get the last ball of cotton soon so I can finish the bands and seaming. So I cast on for Hourglass Sweater with Cash Iroha. The yarn wasn't as nice as I expect it to be. Maybe it's because I down sized the needle. Hence this project is rather slow going, with more time spent at work since some colleagues are on vacation. I think I need a break just to knit to my heart's content.

Boxing Day isn't called Boxing Day for nothing. I got 2 packages, one from Yarn Aboard and my order from I think i need to go pack the goodies and get them ready for the post office tomorrow. Tomorrow would be a good day if the heavens stop opening (it pouring everyday in Singapore). Hopefully I can go off work early afternoon. I will try to post pictures in the next post.

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Happy New Year!

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