Sunday, December 03, 2006


Its been a while since I last blogged. I should have plenty to talk about, but as usual I'm lost at what to talk about. A blogger's block I guess. Anyway, I did some knitting during the mini escapedes. I was asked to open up my bag at the customs, for goodness sake it was just a brow tweezer. Not much pictures were taken, since I did not bring along my camera and the mobile phone's battery went flat after 10 shots. I better bring my charger along the next time.

So what I have been up to knit-wise? I started Madli's Shawl and its off the block this morning. While Madli is left to dry, I started Peacock Feathers Shawl. So far I'm done with Chart 3, wondering if I can have it block before Christmas. Meanwhile, I need to do the finishes for Central Park Hoodie and Molly Ringwald.

Meanwhile here's picture of the week.
Taken at a roadside shrine of 4-faced Buddha, Bangkok, Thailand. Its a row of wood carvings of elephants. They were purchased by worshippers to be placed there. If I remember correctly, the biggest one would cost 10 000 babt per pair. That's quite a budget for yarns. =p

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Little Sesame said...

Welcome back... we went off to Bangkok a couple of weeks ago too and had a great time... ;o)

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