Saturday, December 31, 2005

Friday, December 30, 2005

VK Winter 2006

some interesting pieces which caught my eyes.

rest of the preview HERE

I started another project during Xmas holiday. and yes, hope everyone have a good knitty start to year 2006.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Before its over

Wishing everyone a Merry merry Christmas!
Best wishes for the year ahead.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Cables, cables, cables, i HEART you

I'm on the heat for cable patterns and as I was reading Purlwise, I happen to come across Bergere de France. They have such yummilicious yarns and patterns. on a sad note, the whole site does not have English translations. Not even the patterns.

Pity me for spending half the day, trying not to get Lost in Translation. With the help of this very good french knitting stitchery and after flipping through the print outs for the zillonth time, I translated the whole pattern into 4 pages of English instructions.

Here's the French instructions. I don't know whether I will be crossing any copyright laws, if you want a copy of the English instructions, do leave your email in the comments. However the English instructions has not been tested, but I'm most willing to guide you along.

If this translation goes well, my next target will be Phildar patterns. since only some of its magazines come with the english inserts. It would be a good thing to know more about french patterns.

Edited to add:This is the yarn called for.

News about the Knit-a-Long over at Knitters Community.

PS. thanks for the comments on my secret sweater.
Kessa: the receiver is yours truely
Ruth & Vivian: cuz I've been poring over the pattern for eons and I did not factor in the hours I had for planning.

Sunday, December 18, 2005


May i present the Secret sweater. Frankly speaking its not much of a secret, if you have bought the yarns from i had the photo taken just after installing the zipper. got the zipper on Friday from Daiso, a Japanese thrift store. coincidentally the yarns were from there there too.

A close up on the cables.

Pattern: Schoeller Stahl Winter 2003/ 2004
Yarn: less than 10 balls of 70%wool/30%acrylic blend
Needle: 4.5mm (US 7)for ribbing, and 5mm (US8)
Size: Small
Time to finish: a little more than 3 weeks

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My point

If I ever need to travel to a cold place, i doubt i will need winter clothing shopping. At this rate of churning out sweaters and cardigans, i may need extra storage space soon. So, i've decided to fine tune my knit list, moving those that need bulky yarns (aran weight and above) to the bottom of the queue, adding more accessories and crocheting stuffs.

and after registering the local group as the official Stitch 'n' Bitch Singapore on global SnB, i have finally move my butt to create a blog for it. it a place to document any knit outs and events. i'm still in the process of setting the affiliation terms.

learning to knit is a process. it can be self taught, through forking out a sum of money to engage a "pro" to teach or even through a group of knitters for free. given the three choices, what's your preference?

as a self learner, i think i learnt more and even some long-time knitters may be surprise how much i have picked during such a short period. it is not the amount of time one had spent knitting, but the knowledges that one has obtained.

every project is a learning curve to me. even a repeated project serves it purpose as i will think of ways to enhance it, be it the fitting or embellishments or finishings.

It's a learning path and I'm strolling passionately on it.

Monday, December 12, 2005

21 days and less

Just when I wanted to take pictures, my digicam's battery ran flat. so you peeps got to wait till my next post.

one of my knitting related prayers was answered last week. phew~ one more to go. things should be settled before end of 2005.

with less than 21 days left in 2005, I doubt I will be able to finish Martha and the lacy cardigan. on a happy note, the secret sweater is almost done. just need to weave in the ends and install the zipper.

Lacy cardigan will be frogged pass the armhole shaping. as i don't think i will need such a long bodice. more stuffs to knit when the next copy of IK reaches my mailbox.

and I need to clear my room in under 8 weeks, cuz Chinese Lunar New Year is really close.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Just Wondering

i was at the two major bookstores on the other day. browsing the magazine section as usual, and quite disappointed that Knitscene is not made available, since its debute in the US.

However, it has always occurred to me where have all the other copies of knitting mags gone? Dozens and dozens of IKs and VKs, not forgetting Cast On, Knit n Style. Knit.1, even Sandra, had been going off the shelves. It can only be knitters/craftsters whom bought them.

The BIG question is: Who are they? What have they been knitting? and where do they knit?

I bet they knit at home. and no signs of SIngaporeans knit bloggers other than those whom I have already known.

If you are knitting in Singapore (local or expat), please give me a sign of your existence. else i may have to find better reason of how the magazines make their way out of the bookstores.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Picture-less update

not another no-picture entry. =P cuz yours truely is truely very busy with :
- temp assignment (8am ~ 5pm)
- (online gaming)
- my secret sweater project (when i'm not doing both of the above.)

it has been months since i woke up with the sun. even after taking breakfast, i still feel sleepy. the good thing about starting work early, my work ends early too as well. with company transport provided, I would be home within 30 mins. no knitting on the way home, as the bus ride is really rough and motion sickness is something I HATE.

the secret sweater is progressing. I'm on sleevie island and about to shape the raglan for both pieces. Front #1 is done. I hope this sweater has a better fit than my first sweater, Mariah.

on another note, Martha is having a long vacation with the Lacy Cardigan. and the saddest news of all, Lacy would be visiting the frog pond for a swim, once i find time for her.

With regards to my previous post on the crazy hoarding, I decide to rein more self discipline and only got 2 balls of Sirdar Breeze in a cream shade for a friend's Ruffles scarf. Sad to say, the LYS does not import other colors of Breeze. I think most of us are already sick of those 7 that's available. and out of those, I only like the cream, pink, and baby blue.

Speaking of Ruffles, I was going to get a copy of Scarf Style at Borders. They used to have at least 3 copies on the shelves whenever I managed to convinced myself to stay away from it. After looking through 3 columns of shelves, Scarf Style I see not. *on the verge of tears* seems like I'm not fated to get it. Anyway, a couple of books are being enrouted to me. With more knitting books, I guess its justifiable for stashing more yarns.

Before i forget, THANK YOU for all the comments about the blog revamp. would be doing another one, once I find time for it.

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