Tuesday, November 08, 2005

It's been 12 months of knits and purls

not exactly 12 months, a bit more or less as I don't remember exactly when I pick up my first circulars. I'm glad to have my knitting with me, it just suppress the insanity.

With the days counting, I have seen through 2 knit groups and have established one with the kind knitters in Knitters Community. Hope to see more more people enjoying this craft.

This was completed during last weekend. Purple pancakes, it is not. Can someone pinpoint the pattern? No prize for the correct guess though.

3 Loops:

Rachel said...

Is it that swirly scarf whose name I can't remember? Wheather it is or isn't, what a beautiful vibrant color! Once you've gotten enough guesses please post a picture with a little more detail :)

Rachel said...

Oh and congrats on your Knitterversary!

Knitcrazy said...

Hummmmmmmmmmm ?????????????


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