Wednesday, November 02, 2005

FOs: 1 New and 2 Old

Finally, i have the time to take the pictures. Let's start with the oldest FO. I knitted the vest version as it requires less yarn and would be easier to mix and match with my other clothes.

Pattern: Butterfly, Rowan 37
Yarn: Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Toffee, 1 ball plus a few more metres
Needle: Bryspun Circulars, 4mm (US 6)
Size: Small
Time to finish: slightly less than 2 weeks

When I first browse through this pattern instruction, I almost blackout from it. I was really lost. It was only after joining the KAL and saw some of the finished corset, that drew me back to this pattern. Learnt stuffs like i-cord bind off and cast on. these 2 techniques really give a more sturdy armhole.

Pattern: Corset Tank Top by Annie Modesitt
Yarn: Butterfly Super 10 cotton, less than 2 hanks
Needle: Boye Needlemaster 4mm (US 6)
Size: (smallest)
Time to finish: 2 weeks

Inspired by her, i started this one just 2 mondays ago. This yarn is incredibly soft to knit with. Too bad the DK and Aran weight is not available here. I can't wait to try Cashsoft, I'm sure its just as nice to knit with. I only had 3 balls of this yarn, and I got so paranoid of not have enough yarn. so much that the sash is only half the stitches called for and ended with about 12 grams of yarn left.

Pattern: Rebecca #29 Wrap Cardigan
Yarn: Rowan Cashcotton in Chintz, 3 balls
Needle: Boye Needlemaster 4mm (US 6)
Size: Small
Time to finish: 1 week

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Vanessa said...

You really knit like wind girl. Your wrap cardi turns out very nice. Fit you perfectly, so as the corset. Great color selection. Bravo!

Stephanie E. said...

You Betterfly turned out so wee - I made the smallest size and it still came out fitting like a medium. Did you alter the pattern? It seems much shorter than mine. Tips would be much appreciated!

amanda said...

wow! You are such a speedy knitter! Each project turned out lovely and of course I covet each and every one :O)

yuvee said...

Aarghhh!! Can't see pics!!
what the hell is wrong with my com?!

loriz said...

Wow. You are one productive knitter. I hope you enjoy your new pieces!

erin said...

the wrap cardi is such a great stashbuster! looks great on you :)

Jenn said...

They alll look great!! Great job!

Ruth said...

hi lois!! of course, your FO's look wonderful, and now even better when they are modeled =) i can't believe you finished your projects within two weeks!! i wish i was as fast as you. =)

eastern white said...

wow, your butterfly is so cute!! love the cami you wore underneath it. beautiful work!

handknit168 said...

I like the butterfly very much of Rowan. Hope that I can knit it in future.
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Anonymous said...

wow! all yr FOs are pretty! *envy*


Vivian said...

I love all of your finished objects especially the butterfly tank top. All of them are so lovely and the colour are pretty as well.

Rachel said...

Wow! Gorgeous FO's!! I can't even imagine finishing enough projects to make a post with 3 objects! Bravo Girl!

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