Sunday, October 30, 2005

Needle organiser

there's always discussions on how to organise needles, especially circular ones. how to keep them according to sizes, and never have to worry about the cords tangling. i know how frustrating it is to undo all the needles.

my way of organising also helps to keep the cord hanging straight, such that they "lose their mind" and listen to all your biddings. no more bathing them in hot and cold water.

this idea is somehow imitated, but my version needs only scotch tapes, papers and a clothes hanger. you can use cardboards if you have 13364354 needles.

as you can see, there's actually 4 slots for 4 different sizes, make more slots if you have many sizes.

you can even keep this in the wardrobe, that way you can hide from the world of the 14686350 needles which you have.

my needles have been hanging in this way the day i took them out of their packaging. so far i have only happy knitting experiences with them.

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yuvee said...

That's quite neat ;) Gotta try it soon.

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