Wednesday, October 19, 2005

When i'm not knitting

You would most probably find me mapling with SuzieSushi, my Fire Mage in the game. she's now at level 38 and i hope to achieve 40 by end of this week. if you are on maplesea, find me on Aquila server.

back on Hopeful's wool cotton color selection, I do go with Hiss, if it's available at the LYS, else i will settle with the Cleckheaton Machine washable wool. I might also frog the not-so-mysterious project, so i can use the yarn for the Rebecca Eyelet wrap, inspired by Vanessa.

besides Hopeful and the wrap cardigan, I'm also sitting here, in awed of THIS. I have yarn for it but was quite hesitant to start. perhaps i'm suffering from a knitter's block.

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