Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Knitting Inventory update

This post will be updated as and i stash or de-stash.
UPDATED: 29 Sept 2006, ALL items in BOLD are for sale and swap


10 x Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4ply
Shade: Enchant
Gauge: 28sts

5 x Knitpicks Wool of Andes 110yds
Shade: Coal
Gauge: 4.5 ~ 5 st

4 x Knitpicks Merino Style 123yds
Shade: Fog
Gauge: 5.5 st

12 x Phildar Aviso
Shade: Ficelle
Gauge: 16st

6 x Elsebeth Lavold Silky Wool
Shade: Chocolate
Gauge: 22st

6 x Rowanspun Aran
Shade: Heath
Gauge: Aran weight

7 x Jaeger Luxury Tweed
Shade: Pebble
Gauge: 22st

5 x Rowan 4 ply cotton
Shade: Bleached
Gauge: 28st

10 x Australian Superwash wool from Taipei
Shade: brown
Gauge: DK

4 x Bendigo Rustic 12 ply
Shade: Agate
Gauge: 18st
(Please note that all Bendigo yarns are of 200gram balls.)

1 x Bendigo Alpaca 8 ply
Shade: Prism
Gauge: 20st

2 x Bendigo 4 ply cotton
Shade: New Blue
Gauge: 28st

2 x Bendigo 4 ply cotton
Shade: Lime
Gauge: 28st

1 x Bendigo Colonial
Shade: White
Gauge: DK

12oz Jaggerspun Zephyr
Shade: Aegean Blue
Gauge: Lace wt

8 x Jaeger Siena 140m/153yds
Shade: 423 Petunia
Lot: 1414240
Gauge: 28st/38rows

2 x Regia Sock yarn
Shade: ?
Gauge: ?

2 x Lorna Laces Shepherd Socks
Shade: Purple Iris

1 x Trekking XXL
Shade: 100

7 x (no brand)
Shade: 4 in red wine and 3 in varigated of blues and greens
Gauge: same as KSH

5 x Jaeger Trinty
Shade: Hibiscus
Gauge: DK weight

2 x Bendigo 4 ply cotton
Shade: Lotus
Gauge: 28st

8 x Rowan 4 ply Soft
Shade: Buzz
Gauge: 28 sts /10 cm

6 x Kanebo fingering weight wool
Shade: dark dusty rose
Gauge: 33sts/10cm

8 2 x Rowan 4 ply Cotton 170m/186yds
Shade: Trutti Frutti
Gauge: 28st/38rows

4 3 x Knitpicks Alpaca Cloud
Shade: Iris x 2, Midnight x 3
Gauge: Lace weight

2 x Knitpicks Sock Garden 220yds
Shade: Hydrangea
Gauge: 7-8st

1 x Bendigo 8 ply cotton
Shade: Lilac
Gauge: DK

2 x Knitpicks Simple Stripes 231yds
Shade: Snapdragon
Gauge: 7-8st

10 x Rowan Cotton Glace 115m/125yds
Shade: 810 Splendor
Lot: 20E4
Gauge: 23st/32rows

3 x Rowan Kidsilk Haze
Shade: Majestic

1 x RYC Cashsoft 4 ply 197yds
Shade: Baby Blue
Gauge: 28st/36rows

4 x Debbie Bliss Cathay 100m/109yds
Shade: 01 Black
Gauge: 22st/30rows

10 x Noro Silk Garden
Shade: #88
Gauge: 18st

4 x Sirdar Pure Cotton 4 ply
Shade: Pink
Gauge: 28st/38rows

1 x Boye Needlemaster
1 x Denise Interchangebles
and 15 sets of assorted circular needles
2 x Clover dpns size US1

1 x Clover pink chibi
1 x retractable measuring tape
80 x beaded-head pins (for blocking)
5 x stitch holders
26 x beaded stitch and row markers

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