Thursday, October 13, 2005


- of camera
- of yarns
- of inspirations

and most importantly
- of $$$

no photos as my camera is now in the midst of Shanghai. hope my folks take care of it. else they will get a brand new one as replacement. *tsk tsk*

why is it everytime i look at my stash, i don't seem to find something suitable for a pattern. even i spent time swatching, the Little Voice just keep nagging that its never gonna make it for the correct gauge. isn't this frustrating? i think this happens to lots of knitters out there.

everytime we will stash up if there's a sale or a bulk purchase (think yarncoop). hoping that this will save us some buckaroos. infact we are spending even more, spending on yarns which we don't know what it is for. even if we did plan ahead, are we going to stick to it? hardly, but personally i did for a few projects. however i really feel unhappy with some of my stash. would most probably destash soon. and i will stick to buying yarns for a single project at anytime.

on a happy note, i have finally keep to "one project at a time". no more multiple projects on my interchangeble needles. or perhaps i don't need this set any longer. might sell it for yarns? beats me.

another happier note, i did a check on my completed projects since last year when i learnt to knit. and i have been sticking to most of what i intend to knit.

1. Wavy scarf -
2. Cable poncho - VK Holiday '04
3. Mariah -
4. Clapotis -
5. Cozy -
6. Silky - Sirdar leaflet
7. Honeymoon cami -
8. Flower Basket Shawl - IK Winter 04
9. Orangina - Glampyre
10. Tivoli - Grumperina
11. Kiri -
12. Audrey - Rowan 35
13. Lucky clover wrap - SnBN
14. Spring Fling -
15. Silk Corset -
16. Butterfly - Rowan 37
17. Birch - Rowan 34

Upcoming projects crossing my fingers and toes that they will be kept.
1. Martha - Rowan 37, on the needles now
2. Sirdar sweaater, got to finish it before Xmas
3. Light blue cardi from Rebecca 29
4. Phildar cami
5. Hopeful, going to get Rowan Wool Cotton for this pattern. Tell me which is nice, ok?

Deepest Olive

6 Loops:

Anonymous said...

moonstone and hiss looks nice :D deepest olive too... was thinking you have quite a bit of pale colours... like the corset you got it in purple... so maybe deepest olive or moonstone would be good ... flower maybe too :D

Didi (sonjira)

shorwei said...

i'm like what u described, buy alot of yarn and don't know what to knit ... want to do what you said ... stick to buying only for projects ... in long term save money. i like hiss.

erin said...

hiss too! same experience with the yarn stash, most of the time, so much yarn but not right for what I want to knit. But when I used to have no stash I had the other problem, so much I want to knit, but can't find the right yarn in the shops either. I think there's a conspiracy among yarn manufacturers so that you keep needing to buy more yarn :) I will wait patiently for your camera to come back in one piece for the Butterfly unveiling.

yuvee said...

How true!! Almost everything I bought online comes in a pack, and I feel like I'm saving!(ok, so they're quite a bargain)
I'll vote for gypsy and hiss ;)

Ruth said...

i vote for gypsy and hiss too! (but that's because i'm biassed towards those colors hehe) =)

Mimi said...

I think I have the same feelings about yarn stash. I've been trying to buy less yarn nowadays, so that I can choose the design first and look for the appropriate yarn. Usually, I can't find it in my yarn collection.
As for the color, I think I like moonstone.

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