Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Rowan International

Here I am sitting on the fence whether to subscribe to Rowan mag. With Laura's reminder, I went in search and found this discussion.

So i guess i will only subscribe if Rowan does not fail to churn out good patterns for the next magazines. The fee does covers everything even the free yarn kit, consider the fact Kidsilk Haze in not available in Singapore. One more pro is that, i can extend the discount on books to my fellow local knitters.

Above all, I still feel the pinch to spent 30Pounds (about SGD100). Shoot me!

In view of my new found assignment, which requires me to burn 8-9 hours, i'm really behind my knitting schedule. *pouts*

2 Loops:

Chrissie said...


I am a member of Rowan International, and am pleased to extend the member's doiscount to you or any Singaporean who wants to buy stuff etc., and I would be happy to bring the Rowan magazines to the knitting meet-ups. My DH is going to the UK in the middle of this month, so if you girls want anything from the UK like KSH drop me and email and I will ask him to buy for you from Liberty's or John Lewis (with receipts etc.) When are you girls meeting next? I can bring the latest issue of Rowan along, and I would love to see your Adrienne Vittadinni Spring issue, and your Flower Basket Shawl and Clapotis. (Oh, I recently finished these 2 projects and will bring them along too. Anyone knows hwether I should block silk?)

Ruth said...

hi lois, i've been contemplating the same thing about being a rowan member. i am a big rowan fan, but i think my husband will be upset at the price tag ($100 US! YIKES!!) of signing up. let me know if you decide to sign up or not! the only thing that is holding me back is how much it costs and whether it is worth it or not...

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