Wednesday, December 14, 2005

My point

If I ever need to travel to a cold place, i doubt i will need winter clothing shopping. At this rate of churning out sweaters and cardigans, i may need extra storage space soon. So, i've decided to fine tune my knit list, moving those that need bulky yarns (aran weight and above) to the bottom of the queue, adding more accessories and crocheting stuffs.

and after registering the local group as the official Stitch 'n' Bitch Singapore on global SnB, i have finally move my butt to create a blog for it. it a place to document any knit outs and events. i'm still in the process of setting the affiliation terms.

learning to knit is a process. it can be self taught, through forking out a sum of money to engage a "pro" to teach or even through a group of knitters for free. given the three choices, what's your preference?

as a self learner, i think i learnt more and even some long-time knitters may be surprise how much i have picked during such a short period. it is not the amount of time one had spent knitting, but the knowledges that one has obtained.

every project is a learning curve to me. even a repeated project serves it purpose as i will think of ways to enhance it, be it the fitting or embellishments or finishings.

It's a learning path and I'm strolling passionately on it.

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kessa said...

Well said. =)

Ruth said...

i am a self-learner too. for awhile i didn't understand why people would shell out $$$ to learn from someone (some of the classes at some LYS are SO expensive!!!), when you can clearly learn through a book, diagrams, and lots of online help! but i've come to understand that everyone learns in a different way, at a different pace (this is after teaching some teenagers how to knit and observing all the different reactions from it!) =P

but i agree with you on how every project has a learning curve... that's partly why i love knitting so much... there is so much to learn and i love the challenge of each new project!! =D

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