Monday, December 12, 2005

21 days and less

Just when I wanted to take pictures, my digicam's battery ran flat. so you peeps got to wait till my next post.

one of my knitting related prayers was answered last week. phew~ one more to go. things should be settled before end of 2005.

with less than 21 days left in 2005, I doubt I will be able to finish Martha and the lacy cardigan. on a happy note, the secret sweater is almost done. just need to weave in the ends and install the zipper.

Lacy cardigan will be frogged pass the armhole shaping. as i don't think i will need such a long bodice. more stuffs to knit when the next copy of IK reaches my mailbox.

and I need to clear my room in under 8 weeks, cuz Chinese Lunar New Year is really close.

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