Friday, December 02, 2005

Just Wondering

i was at the two major bookstores on the other day. browsing the magazine section as usual, and quite disappointed that Knitscene is not made available, since its debute in the US.

However, it has always occurred to me where have all the other copies of knitting mags gone? Dozens and dozens of IKs and VKs, not forgetting Cast On, Knit n Style. Knit.1, even Sandra, had been going off the shelves. It can only be knitters/craftsters whom bought them.

The BIG question is: Who are they? What have they been knitting? and where do they knit?

I bet they knit at home. and no signs of SIngaporeans knit bloggers other than those whom I have already known.

If you are knitting in Singapore (local or expat), please give me a sign of your existence. else i may have to find better reason of how the magazines make their way out of the bookstores.

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Ruth said...

hmm, that is very interesting!! perhaps there are more singaporean knitters out there who do not blog or go online with their hobby (solitaire knitters?)...?

Jade said...

I would like to hear that. When I was back in Singapore last July, my friend look at me like I am a 'domesticated housewife'(I can't think of a better way to describe and hope you get what I mean, no offense to anyone) when I present her with a lacy scarf I knit for her birthday. Sigh.

Kessa said...

Hi. I'm a singaporean knitter and I do have a blog.. I don't buy those magazines coz I can't find them most of the time either.

kessa said...

Thnx. But is the link correct?

kessa said...

RYN: Thnx alot. =) I didn't think of that. lol. I don't spend enough time online to use the instant messengers...

Regarding the prev entry, yea, I like to keep things simple. =)

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