Sunday, December 18, 2005


May i present the Secret sweater. Frankly speaking its not much of a secret, if you have bought the yarns from i had the photo taken just after installing the zipper. got the zipper on Friday from Daiso, a Japanese thrift store. coincidentally the yarns were from there there too.

A close up on the cables.

Pattern: Schoeller Stahl Winter 2003/ 2004
Yarn: less than 10 balls of 70%wool/30%acrylic blend
Needle: 4.5mm (US 7)for ribbing, and 5mm (US8)
Size: Small
Time to finish: a little more than 3 weeks

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Ruth said...

wow you finished this in a little more than 3 weeks??? i am in amazement at your speed and skill!! (plus, the sweater looks VERY lovely - good job!) =)

Vivian said...

Wow!!! That's fast, you surely is a fast knitter. The sweater look great and the colour is nice. I like it. :)

kessa said...

It looks really comfortable! Whichever little guy that receives this is sure one lucky person. =D

Anonymous said...

wow it looked pretty and cozy! :)
early merry xmas 2 u!

shorwei said...

it's so lovely! you always inspire me to start making items in cable. it is my goal for 2006.

rachel said...

That is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

li said...

i've been wanting to make this sweater forEVER. i just got a copy of the pattern and hopefully will get to it soon. good job!

winnie said...

beautiful work. what kind of yarn did you use for this sweater? i have the pattern for it, but didn't get the yarn from elann due to the limited color options they have left. did you knit to gauge for this or did you alter the pattern to your gauge?

Min said...

This is really beautiful! I'm thinking of starting to take up knitting again. Would this be a tough project to start on, and how do I get the pattern? Thanks!

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