Thursday, December 01, 2005

Picture-less update

not another no-picture entry. =P cuz yours truely is truely very busy with :
- temp assignment (8am ~ 5pm)
- (online gaming)
- my secret sweater project (when i'm not doing both of the above.)

it has been months since i woke up with the sun. even after taking breakfast, i still feel sleepy. the good thing about starting work early, my work ends early too as well. with company transport provided, I would be home within 30 mins. no knitting on the way home, as the bus ride is really rough and motion sickness is something I HATE.

the secret sweater is progressing. I'm on sleevie island and about to shape the raglan for both pieces. Front #1 is done. I hope this sweater has a better fit than my first sweater, Mariah.

on another note, Martha is having a long vacation with the Lacy Cardigan. and the saddest news of all, Lacy would be visiting the frog pond for a swim, once i find time for her.

With regards to my previous post on the crazy hoarding, I decide to rein more self discipline and only got 2 balls of Sirdar Breeze in a cream shade for a friend's Ruffles scarf. Sad to say, the LYS does not import other colors of Breeze. I think most of us are already sick of those 7 that's available. and out of those, I only like the cream, pink, and baby blue.

Speaking of Ruffles, I was going to get a copy of Scarf Style at Borders. They used to have at least 3 copies on the shelves whenever I managed to convinced myself to stay away from it. After looking through 3 columns of shelves, Scarf Style I see not. *on the verge of tears* seems like I'm not fated to get it. Anyway, a couple of books are being enrouted to me. With more knitting books, I guess its justifiable for stashing more yarns.

Before i forget, THANK YOU for all the comments about the blog revamp. would be doing another one, once I find time for it.

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