Monday, June 27, 2005

Someone made My week

so what have I been doing all this while when i'm not updating this knit blog? let the pics do the talking.

lots of you have been waiting to look at my FBS. here's pics of the before and after block. i can never imagine how lovely FBS could be before blocking. i have enjoyed knitting it and would probably knit FBS #2 if given another pair of hands to knit.

Right after FBS, I cast on for Audrey, and here's a couple of pics on her.

From this photo you can get a clearer glimpse of the decreases and increase.

it's really hard to let go of Audrey, I need to peel my fingers off her each time. and i miss having her around at work.

The last words are for my dearest SP, Lisa. I never did expect I could have such a generous spoiler. Oh my gosh! take a look at what she had gotten for me. I feel like the luckiest spoilee. LOL

and guess what, I have been thinking about sock knitting so much, that i dreamt i was knitting socks last night. and Lisa dearie had also stated several sock knitting sites that could help me get started. I think Rox should award Lisa with The Most Thoughtful Secret Pal Award, cuz she got me an extra set of dpns to reduce my risk of developing "second sock syndrome". how could I ever thank her for her thoughtfulness?!?! I'm definitely looking forward to Lisa's next SP package.

PS. Although I'm not much of a berry fan, the Blackberry preserve is currently being savour by my family members. They HEART it! <3

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yuvee said...

Blocking magic!! Your FBS looks so great after blocking. And I have to say that you have a terrific SP, what great gifts!

opportunityknits said...

That's a beautiful FBS, love the pointy edges. I love the audret sweater too!

Lois said...

yuvee, hope u enjoy ur SP's goodies too!

erin, i still think audrey is far from perfect due to the inc and dec rows.

Laura said...

I love your shawl! I love seeing before and after blocking photos for lace projects--it's like magic. Good job.

sally said...

Wow, beautiful FBS you've got there! Good job!

amanda said...

your fbs is lovely! great job :o)

Lauren said...

Your FBS is lovely! and your Audrey is coming along so nicely :)

Marie said...

Hi, there, I need your help ! I've just about finished my ( red) FBS but can't seem to manage the cast-off method. I've got the explanations in French but could you copy the line(s) about casting-off in English so I can be through at last?
Maybe it'd be a good idea if you could write the sentence as a commentary on your own blog ???
I'd be grateful so much!!
Yours is great !
Thanks, Marie

Lois said...

hi marie, hope you checking out this post.

BO all sts very loosely as
foll: K2, *transfer these 2 sts back to left needle, k2tog through
back loops, k1; rep from *

Tip: use a needle which is 2 sizes bigger

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