Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Secret Pal mails

I have just gotten a confirmation from my SP that her address is correct. But when is the official start date for sending out the goodies? any one knows? or have i miss out on that piece of info?

and also, my SP, the one who's gonna spoil me, has emailed last night with a couple of questions. perhaps i should give a more explicit answers on this blog. So dearest SP, Lisa, do visit this blog often to know me better.

I used to love black as it makes one looks slimmer. the ironic part is that i have not knitted a single item in black so far. I love pastels, although they make me look 1 - 2 sizes bigger. as an Asian, i can hardly take browns, oranges and other very warm and earthy tones. Solid colour and no varigeted please.

i'm not particular in the instruments department. i listen a lot to Diana Krall and Norah Jones. I do like to be introduced to male Jazz singers.

I think this is a pretty easy task. There's a limited number of brands available in Singapore. I like to try Knitpicks Shine, Elan's Peruvian collection. And I've also fallen in love <3 Phildar Tendances Spring 2005 magazine, especially some of its spring jackets and tops.

Lisa, if have any questions do feel free to ask me. Hope you have a good time shopping for me. =)

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