Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Yarns from Hongkong

Met up with Maryann and Erin right after my HK trip. Have a great time meeting Maryann for the first time after chatting over MSN for so long, and also long time no see Erin. Time passes very fast when you either knit or talk about knitting. How I wish we can do this several time over again.

Ok, I know there's people here who are anxious to know what yarns i bought back.
Not much, as the price is still quite steep. Anyways, I grabbed 13 sets of addis in various lenghts and sizes. I think I be will back for more Puppy yarn if financially I'm allowed.

Lastly, I thank everyone, who either left me a comment or over msn and email, for their well wishes on my engagement. Right now is to try bargain with FH not to have the Chinese Customary wedding. I think this might be a wedding prep blog temporary.

ROM Checklist
- Date
- JP
- Venue
- Photographer
- Make Up & Hair
- Efile
- Rings
- Dress
- Ring Pillow
- Shoes
- Flowers
- Invitation Card
- His’s Shirt
- His’s Pants
- His’s Shoes
- His’s Belt
- His’s Tie
- His’s Cufflinks
- Guestlist

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Cynder said...

I missed your big announcement, I'm so sorry.

Please allow me to give a belated congratulations.

iro iro said...

ahhhh... so many addis!!! i feel faint.. drool.

ruth said...

oooh, wedding planning! what fun! if i were nearby, i'd totally help you out. =) good luck with tacking down all the details! =)

Vanessa said...

Dang girl! 13 pairs of addis! They must be pretty reasonal priced.

Congrats on the engagement!!

Michelle said...


Iris G said...

Wow I was away from the knitting world for a while, and what have I missed!
Although I am late, I just have to say congratulations, especially to your lucky guy (did he realize how lucky he is?)
BTW, the yarns and addis look great.

Peggy said...

All those addis! I remember they were pretty cheap at one of the small yarn shops. Shopping in HK never fails!

elizabeth marley said...

Congratulations! I think it's so cute that he propose don a roller coaster.

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