Thursday, September 15, 2005

Tagged One

Ten Years Ago
I went for my first campfire on St John island, a place where it used to house inmates and drug addicts many many moons ago. I don't usually get the chance to stay out for a long period of time without my folks. You can tell how protective they are towards their children.

Five Years Ago
A fresh diploma holder back then. Found a job quickly even though the economy was quite slow after the crisis hit Asia. and i stayed in that company for almost 3 years.

One Year Ago
I was in a sale position which allows me to travel in the Asiapac region. gain lots of experience and know lots of people. no longer was I a country pumpkin :p more street-wise i guess.


Five Snacks
-Dark Chocolates, at least 70% cocoa content
-Potato Chips, give me sour cream & onion anytime.
-Ben & Jerry's icecreams
-Meiji's range of snacks

Five Songs I Know All The Words To
-Heaven Knows by Richard Marx
-Everything i do it for you by Bryan Adams
-To Where You Are by Josh Groban
-Perfect by Simple Plan
-Superwoman by Karyn White

Five Things I'd Do With 100 Million Bucks
-Start a charitable foundation
-Provide for my family
-Get a yarn mill (then i can knit to my heart's content, never to be afraid of running out of yarn)
-Create job opportunities
-Invest, invest and invest (make money grow)

Five Places I'd Run Away To

Five Things I Would Never Wear
-Anything that's chilli red in color
-Fishnet stockings, garter belts
-baggy jeans
-no punk stuffs

Five TV Shows
-Desperate Housewives
-Hong Kong dramas

Five Joys
-each time i finish a project
-Yarn Shopping and all forms of spree
-opening boxes of goodies like yarns, clothings...imagine xmas
-able to knit fulltime when i'm still looking for a job :p
-spending time with love ones

Five Things To Do, Just For Me, Before I Die
-Find the ONE
-Try all extreme sports
-Ride all the roller coasters on the world
-Reach the highest peak
-more MEMEs

I think lots of people have been tagged on this one, so shall tag other next time round.

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yuvee said...

Hehe...good luck on finding the ONE ;D

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