Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Unfortunate incident

Something I received in the mail yesterday. I'm fine with uneveness in the dyeing. But this is absolutely OUT. It doesn't matter if its from the mill end.
Shouldn't the retailer check on each and every hank before sending out?
Didn't they realise that international shipping is on a bullet train to the north?
Even for a 25% off from retail price, they were not obliged to send yarn of decent quality?

I'm definitely getting an exchange.

5 Loops:

Motivi said...

Wow. Horrid. How was it packed?

Ruth said...

Sorry about the uneveness. =( Especially when shipping costs are high. I used to absolutely love handdyed yarn... but now, I'm wary of any varigated dyed yarn for this very reason. =(

Mei said...

EEEEK! That looks...terrible. I wonder what happened... =.=

R a i n said...

Oh EEEK...that's terrible. Hope you get compensated well!

alt.ayu said...

yucks! this is bad!!! I sure hope you get some answers soon. along with good compensation!

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