Monday, January 01, 2001

Japanese Yarn Spree

Puppy Yarns - Spring/Summer 2007
Olympus - Spring/Summer 2007, 2007 - 2008 Autumn & Winter
Richmore - Fall/Winter 2007 - 2008, Summer yarns
Hamanaka - 2007 Spring&Summer, Wools/Alpaca
Clover - Summer 2007, 2007-2008 Autumn & Winter
Kanebo - Wools/Alpaca blends, Summer yarns
Nikke Victor - 2007-2008 Autumn & Winter, 2007 Spring & Summer

Babelfish Translator - for the obvious reasons if you do not understand Japanese like me.

I'm ordering from Kanzawa shipping via VpostJapan. You can order anything from yarns to needles and books.
* If response is no good i will cancel the spree.
* Shipping will be calculated as below:
Flat fee of SG$14.26 is shared by participants. Actual shipping is divided by no. of 50grams balls.
* $$$ to be transferred to POSB a/c 189-40221-0
* Access will be used to offset Vpost charges if any.
* Closing on 2nd Oct.
* Distribution by one mass meetup, if u miss it pls foot postage for local mail. No negotiation.
* Keep yarn discussion in other category, as this thread is solely for yarn orders.
* Lastly, i reserve the right to reject your order if i do not feel comfortable dealing with you.

Please make sure your order is final and go through the order carefully before clicking Submit. Thanks!

Exchange rate 0.01310

Format of order:


Yarn name: 商品番号 cottoncona
URL: <<--make sure this works
Color: 05 Price in YEN: 487
Qty: 5

Color: 45
Qty: 5

Yarn name: 商品番号 richamaryllis URL:
Color: 51
Price in YEN: 926
Qty: 5

Total in SGD: 0.0131 x [(487x10) + (926x5)] = S$124.45 <<--amt to trf to me

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