Sunday, February 04, 2007

SP9 strikes for the last time

Finally my SP9 spoiler had revealed herself in this last package. Thanks to Pamela again for this wonderful package! Here's a pic to show whats she had done for me.
And I wonder how did Pamela find out Kaalund yarns have been in my dream? She got me 4 balls for lace shawl.

On non knitting stuffs, I have been baking and cooking. Since the SO loves Har-jiong Kai (Prawn Paste Chicken), and I have sometime to spare today here's the end result:
For the benefit to those who are itnerested in the recipe and also for myself incase I got the wrong bottle of prawn paste.

12 small wings (center portions only the length of your index fingers)
plain flour for coating when deep frying

Marinating :
1 tbsp of prawn paste
a few dashes of sesame oil
1 tsp of honey

1. Marinate the wings, cover and place in the fridge, overnight.
2. Drain the wings
3. Prepare pan and oil for deep frying. Heat up the oil.
4. Coat the wings evenly with flour.
5. You can start frying the wings, once the oil is hot.
6. In order to have crispy wings, turn the heat to medium.
7. Done when wings turn golden brown.
8. Dig in!!!

- Prawn paste is a very pungent ingredient, be sure to keep the marinating air tight, else the whole of your fridge will be nauseating. ok i'm exaggerating.
- Its pretty saltish so you might add lesser prawn paste and maybe 1 more tsp of honey. Or just cut short the marinating time.
- I prefer small wings and only the middle section. They are easier to cook.

4 Loops:

claudine said...

The chicken look yummy!! And the yarn too :)

yuvee said...

Your pal must be from Australia! I have a skein of the exact same yarn in my stash, it's so pretty! What a great SP you have ;)
And anyway, you people really should stop showing food on knitting blog, they give me cravings! ;p

Cafe Knitter said...

The yarn looks beautiful. Love the colors.
Would you share how to make the Prawn Paste Chicken? They look yummy!

jessica said...

sounds like you got some great yarn! It looks wonderful and just ready to be knit up.

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