Monday, July 16, 2007

Blame DS Lite

No reports on knitting this weekend. I managed to done half of the right border.

You may be wondering why so little progress....

Well, all credits should go to this black box, which looks like a sleek box of eyeshadows from the outside. I totally sinked in right after the purchase. I guess the novelty will take sometime to wear off.

So I'm off to a mini hiatus with my DS Lite.

3 Loops:

Jenn said...

Oh, I really want one of those, but I spent so much on a GBA (ordered it from Hong Kong to get a pink one - 6 months before they start selling pink ones in the US anyway :( ) that I don't know if I'd play it that much. What games do you like?

Stef said...

Yes, what are you playing? I'm excitedly waiting for the next Harvest Moon to come out.

yuvee said...

hey...I just got one too! ;))
Anyway, I'll be in Sg from 5-11 Aug. Got any time to meet up? let me know!

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