Monday, August 20, 2007

Knit and Preps

Knitting has definitely taken the back seat, with the impending stuffs waiting to be settled. And knitting was all about ripping back and forth during the past weeks, till I found this to be suitable for this. I should have more than enough yarn so worries about running out of yarn is not here. The feeling of whether this yarn will be suitable for this or that is driving me nuts. When I found the right yarn, then would I have enough of it to finish? And a long list of other questions.

Thanks to Adrianne for the rocker badge! Not much people to nominate since most got this badge much before I do. Grab it if you haven't.

Apart from knitting, the preps is coming up real slow but steadily.

ROM Checklist
- Date OK
- Venue OK
- Photographer
- Make Up & Hair
- Efile OK
- Rings OK
- Dress
- Ring Pillow OK
- Shoes
- Flowers
- Invitation Card
- His’s Shirt
- His’s Pants
- His’s Shoes
- His’s Belt
- His’s Tie
- His’s Cufflinks
- Guestlist

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