Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Of scarves and J-blogs

I have been ploughing hard in my field of knits. However the Knitting Fairy is not around for luck and I'm low on it. I cast on and frogged several potential WIPs. So I guess I better relax, take a step backwards for easy projects. This meant that I'm back to knitting scarves. I enjoyed every bit of it since I need not worry about shaping and gauge problems. I managed to pare down 8 skeins of yarn. 3 for Multidirectional Scarf and 5 for Midwest Moonlight.

I almost lost track in my blog hoppping among the tons of knitters/craftsters on Ravelry. Maybe I should start doing it by countries. First on the list is Japan. Seems like people around me had been or would be traveling there. Only God knows when I can go. Best thing about the internet? It brings everything up close.

Sen, her gorgeous tatting.

, formidable knits from Japanese books.

Chibitora, her 13 year old maltese is such a cutey

Hiiragi, she always look so good in her knits.

yasuwo, she's also knitting the Printed Silk Cardigan

Not to mention that the Japanese knitters have this blog dedicated to Phildar. (something like a KAL)

I may have more to show before the Sakura season ends. And I hope to show my scarves FOs by then. Wish me luck.

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