Friday, November 21, 2008

Keeping happy thoughts

My nose is all stuffed up since the start of the week. My waste paper basket is filled with scrunched up used tissue. Anyway I thought I do post up some pictures of my old FOs.

My FPS was blocked way before I own a set of blocking wires. So bear with the slight scallop edges.

Pattern: Forest Path Stole by Faina M. Letoutchaia
Yarn: ColourMart Cashmere/Silk 2/36NM Lace Weight
Needle: US 2½ / 3.0 mm Addi Turbo
Size: n/a
Time to finish: 5 weeks and more than a year to take FO photos.
Notes: Finished up to 21st tier. I'm not a fan of nupps but still I did not omit any of them.

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