Thursday, July 02, 2009

was it 1 month ago?

And June is over.

The weather is hot and humid, despite the occasional rain. I dislike going for interviews in the afternoons, gives me migraines.

Game-wise, I had completed all dishes on Restaurant City after hitting level 27. Also a Farm Town retiree at level 34.

Knit news would be the WWKIP day, cum Ingrid's farewell. She brought baby Aemilia with her. Hope she enjoys plenty of knitting time back home.

My Aquaphobic socks is still only 1 done. Meanwhile, I finished Aeolian on the eve of WWKIP and Artichart yesterday. Time to hit the sock before it hit me. Maybe its on 4" dpns that I'm reluctant to go on. I thought I changed to the bamboos when it was time for heel flap. Probably, I might have a looser foot since I knit much tighter on the 4".

I did a bit of yarn stalking and all packages arrived. I thought I'd a stash update on my sockyarns (WM category).
Collected them for over 3 years? Notice the old labels?

The 8 skeins from the sock club. Pity there won't be a sock club in the near future.

5 Loops:

Team Knit ! said...

gorgeous photos of your sock yarn!!

- Julie

R a i n said...

Oh drool-worthy pics indeed!

Craftlover said...

LOve them all!!
I love their colorways too. Yeah, it's way too pity that they don't have any more sock club.

KnittingJenny said...

I am envious of your sock yarn stash!

sp said...

pretty colors! I wanna find and buy! ;p I'm so tired of the colors available in shops here....

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