Monday, January 10, 2011

back for a minute

Almost 6 months had passed since my last post here. Perhaps a lot of people had forgotten to check this blog. A lot had been going on with home, work, shopping and knitting.

Although this space had been left alone, I never did put down my knitting. THe longest that I did not touch my needles was around 2 weeks. I simply had no idea what to cast on. No patterns nor yarn called out to me. I did not buy yarn for quite some time too, this exclude the Madelinetosh sweater club which i joined earlier and got my last shipment not too long ago. On clubs, Colleen joined the Cookie A sock club with me. How could I stand by and do nothing when this is one club by my favorite sock designer. FYI, the club is sold out a few days after we got in. I am still looking for a lace club.

So what have I finished so far in 2011? 1 pair of Milo socks, 1 Cusp sock. And hopefully many more to come and make 2011 full of knitting good-ness.

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Jenny said...

That's wonderful that you're in the Cookie A club. I have her book and I love her designs, too!

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