Friday, January 06, 2006

Types of Knitters

Being in a knitting forum, I get to meet knitters. Thus i met different types of knitters. This post is my personal views, no names will be mentioned. I'm not talking about anyone in particular, so stop being over sensitive. *winks*

Everyone starts as a beginner, and as a beginner, I was always overwhelmed with the pattern and FOs I came by. Very quickly, I became a pattern whore. I'm still one till now. Better to get that magazine in case one fine day I found something interesting to knit. Regrets will become a frustration.

As you gain more experience, you start to buy more expensive yarns or just more inexpensive yarns. a yarn junkie i became. you start to stalk online retailers if they have sales or free shipping promotions. you start to calculate the economy of scales. you start yarn sprees. you breathe, dream, sleep on yarns even. then you start salivating on yarn not available at your LYS.

then when it comes to yarn fiber, you detest most acrylics, going for merino wool, the superfine alpaca, silkiest silk and cashmere stuff. oh, what a yarn snob might i claimed. I just wanna do away with the itch which acrylics and superwash wool will cause. serenade me with Filatura di Crosa, Rowan, Colinette, Lorna's Laces...etc

you start to change your tools. no longer are you using Birch but Clover metals and bamboos, even interchangables like Clovers, Denise and Boye Needlemaster. you have the 4mm needles in all lenghts (16" ~ 32") and brands (include Addi Turbos) and materials (rosewood, how luxurious). not only that you buy 101 beads and start making your own stitch markers.

with so much yarns and needles at your disposal, you start whipping up a lot of projects. promising yourself that you will finish them. and before you realise, you have a basketful of WIPs and UFOs. you are always so tempted by the things done by others and knowing that you have so little time for knitting each day, you knit straight into the dark nights, waking up to lament about the eyebags and dark eye circles.

think that's enough for the day. i shall go out to catch some sun for photo taking on my FO and more time for my sock.

3 Loops:

Ruth said...

haha - i think you described alot of us too =)

Cara said...

yep, cannot agree more. LOL

diosaperdida said...

I dunno..I have never been a yarn snob...acrylic is fine, wool is fine, cotton is fine...yarn is fine :D

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