Monday, January 02, 2006

2006 knitti start.

These are the fronts of Lacy cardigan. I added beads to it using Paula's method of threading them on. Very useful, if you do not like the idea of having tons of beads on your yarn while knitting.

on another note, my gauge had been deviating between the 2 fronts. The right is a tact shorter. I think i will stick with knitting both fronts/sleeves at the same time. And that means winding another hank of alpaca cloud in order to restart this project. I shall wish for a ball winder.

Working on something while i have the extra time and yarn. The instructions are found in VK Holiday 2005, Twisted Stitch Rose. I shall try it with bulky yarn for a bigger rose. This was done with DK weight yarn on 4mm needles.

The swatch for this cable cardi is done but I'm not happy with Knitpicks Merino Style. I did achieve the required gauge for stockingnette stitch but take a look at the picture, the cables just wont stand out. Should i swatch Wool of the Andes instead? That would be a cheaper alternative but I prefer merino on my skin.

Lastly, i need buttons for my first FO in 2006.

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Ruth said...

that lacy cardigan is pretty!! i'm not familiar with Knitpick's Merino Style - a smoother yarn would probably make the cables pop out (but they still look pretty good so far!). but i agree with comfort first - what is good on your skin =)

erin said...

Your swatch looks pretty good to me. If you are using the other yarn - should be ok right, because this is a cardi and you will wear it over a shirt? I haven't swatched yet, maybe I should. I'm too lazy. You want to see sad cables that absolutely don't pop? Look out for my next post, I'm knitting something cabley but the cables are very very flat.

yuvee said...

Merino Style works fine with me, but maybe that's because I'm working all stockinette. The lacy cardigan is looking really good anyway, good luck on finding buttons.
Anyway, Happy New Year Lois!

Bonnie said...

Lois, I love your Bergere cardi. I have tried to get patterns outside of France and have had no luck. Does Canada have a lys that carries them? My kids said it would be no sweat to translate, hah, hah. But they all do speak French and my Mom and aunts all speak French so I thought I could sort of figure it out. The Bergere patterns and Phildar patterns are absolutely great. I ordered 4 pattern books of Phildar this week. Your work is beautiful and inspiring. My email address is and blog is

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