Friday, October 26, 2007

M-R-S in about two weeks

Oh gosh, time really flies by fast. With most of the things out of the way, I'm still having a little crisis. I haven't found the right shoes(I've cut down my expectation from "perfect"). The hand bouquet which my makeup artist offered wasn't what I was looking for, and I aint got a BIG buidget for the commercial ones. And I have not start making my own accessories, though I bought the crystals and materials last week.

Now I wonder if SO has been doing his bit.

ROM Checklist
- Date OK
- Venue OK
- Photographer OK
- Make Up & Hair OK
- Efile OK
- Rings OK
- Dress OK
- Ring Pillow OK
- Shoes
- Flowers
- Invitation Card N/A
- His’s Shirt ???
- His’s Pants ???
- His’s Shoes ???
- His’s Belt ???
- His’s Tie ???
- His’s Cufflinks ???
- Guestlist ???

A glimpse of my WIP Sarcelle. Amidst the preparation, I managed to squeeze time for knitting. Currently its on the decreasing section, so I guess it should be ready before the ROM. If so, Sarcelle will come in good use.

3 Loops:

Kessa said...

Only shoes, flowers and accessories left.. You can do it~! Your Sarcelle looks really pretty. Can't wait to see the FO.. =D

fleegle said...

It's amazing that you can concentrate at all! Your Sarcelle is gorgeous, but I don't imagine we are going to see a lot of progress in the next two weeks...

R a i n said...

Oh wow, I love how Sarcelle is looking right now. The yarn is simply gorgeous!

Good luck with the To Do list!

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