Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Socktober Yarns

Its the month for socks, why not time (excuse) to get some sock yarns? No sock FOs so I shall make it up for sockyarns. Well, Adrianne and I had been eyeing on Wollmeise for quite a while. Not until an online store was set up recently. Even so, the yarns were sold out faster than I can blink. So I tried blinking faster and here are 2 skeins I scored!!! YAY *does the happy dance*

No prize for guessing which skein belongs to either me or Adrianne. :p

PS. I will bring them to show on this Saturday's Knit Out.

2 Loops:

fleegle said...

fleegle gropes for her sunglasses. Yike! I understand the description Electric Blue now.

louise said...

Hey I am jealous I couldn't even get any here in the US. Say hello to everyone for me this weekend.

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