Friday, December 19, 2008

Pondering on the Grindstone

The quietness on this blog is due to the fact that I'm on the look for job. It had been rather physical and mentally exhausting with each interview. However, I'm hopeful that the next one be better than the previous. So here's a brief rundown.
I shall not name the companies but just their initials.

Company A
- US MNC, wrong job scope, its the furthest part of the country that I'd been to. Rejected on the spot, even though they are willing to train. Seems like they are rather desperate for someone to fill up the role.

Company C
- US MNC, job scope was something I'm looking for. The deal was that I would be employed under Company F as C had a frozen headcount. I wasn't very comfortable with this arrangement I guess. Even with a direct bus from my place, I need to do with a slight paycut. I thought I could have this straighten out myself, somehow I still felt insecure and depress. Depression shouldn't be how I feel, it a totally different feel from my previous appointments. I did not want to celebrate or put a smile on my face. So C was outta question as of today's turnout.

Company G
- US company, 6 months contract work. Cuz they weren't able to tell me whether this is going to renewable, I weren't in the least interested. It might be glam to work in town, but that means I would spend more on daily expenses like food and transportation.

Company K
- local SME (small medium enterprise). I butted at one of the questions asked, it would be total different environment from a MNC (most if not all of my previous experience were with MNCs). I think even the interviewer was doubtful if I would be adaptable to such arrangement. Anyway, it did open me up to the structure of SMEs.

Company V
- didn't even have a chance for interview, cuz the role was taken up by their contract staff!!! ARGH!!!! I really wouldn't mind V.

Above all, I'm still optimistic with the hunt. I just received another call, hopefully I will have another interview coming up next week. and a brand new workplace in 2009.




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R a i n said...

Good luck on the job hunt! It's great that you have calls coming in.

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