Sunday, January 04, 2009

First FO of 2009

I have quite a bit to report here. I ended 2008 on a silky note with a wrap. Not much pictures yet, since this was kept away to avoid the dust from my cleaning.

And here's the first for 2009. Hope this will spark off good knitting vibes for the rest of the year.

Pattern: Baroque by Janice Kang
Yarn: Posh Yarn Lei
Needle: 2.5mm Knitpicks Harmony
Size: small
Time to finish: 4 days
Notes: I was apprehensive about the stitches showing up on this color. Seems like it worked well and I enjoyed working with the yarn despite its splity-ness. I would use 2.25mm if ever to restart these socks. Also, if i'm knitting for feet much larger than mine, I might need 1.5 skeins at least to get a enough leg covered.

6 Loops:

Team Knit ! said...

ooh, those socks are gorgeous!! the heathered lilac colour is incredible. That wrap looks like it is very pretty, too!

- Julie

Lois said...

thanks Julie, hope you have a good year ahead!

Geraldine said...

Your socks look amazing! The pattern looks really great :)

Mirjana said...

Beautiful! Socks are really fantastic.

libbyv said...

wow, really gorgeous! Where did you get that beautiful yarn? where they very difficult

Lois said...

the yarn was from
the chart was pretty easy to follow IMHO.

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