Friday, February 06, 2009


I was so into getting the jacket in the picture below to work, but it seems like the WIP was hiding in a dusty corner waiting to be recalled by me.

In turn, I transformed it into something totally different. Also from Phildar patterns.

Pattern: Pull #468-T6-628 by Phildar Design Team
Yarn: Phildar Aviso in Ficelle
Needle: 4.5mm and 4mm for the ribbings
Size: 32
Time to finish: 2 months?
Notes: I missed out the chart for the front piece and while waiting I finished up other projects. The yarn is soft and splity at the same time. With charts to follow, one can almost do without the French instructions. I love the cable richness. I think certain cotton/acrylic yarns bring out cables better than wool/alpaca does.
Mod: i left out the ribbing for the armholes, might add them in one day if I can tolerate the bulk at the pits.

2 Loops:

R a i n said...

Oh my! That is an extreme transformation~ lovely though.

Anonymous said...

wow, what a gorgeous knit.

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