Thursday, January 21, 2010

not a Knitting post

Thanks for all the kind comments and support for my sock pattern. I have 2 up my sleeves, so watch out for them.

As the title says, I'm going to talk a bit more on my new home. There might be a little insight on renovation stuffs. Now, getting a HDB flat in Singapore is not easy. Especially if one has to go through numerous ballot exercise (direct purchase from HDB). Also there's lots of regulation the buyer has to adhere to. We were rejected after OTP on the first try due to income ceiling. On the second and also the last attempt, we managed to scrap past the conditions. The entire process took us almost 3 years till we possess the key.

Recently, I had been lurking between home&decor forums in the locale. It was both interesting and knowledgeable reading the various contributions. It had also given me lots of ideas on how to make this new space a live-able one.

One of my intention is to knock down half a wall of my kitchen. Plenty of sunlight will be pass in from the living area. However, budget is a big question here since additional $3000 will be required. Anyways, I was back at the scene just a few days ago. We saw a notice that invites people to a showflat. Least to my expectation, it wasn't open. Instead, the neightbour of that flat invited us to take a look. Their ID was on site, checking the progress with the owners. Very much to my surprise, they actually hack a "hole" into the kitchen wall, large enough to lit up the kitchen. I thought that would cost less. Hope the M will agree to this.

A lot of discussions were upon
- open concept kitchens, hacking of kitchen walls,
- whether to engage IDs or go straight to contractors
- lightings: coves? or false ceilings?
- positioning of the hod/sink/fridge
- storage or instant water heater?

Click to see notes on my flickr page.

I will continue on my findings in another post.

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Jenny said...

Congratulations on your new home! That's so exciting. I hope you find a good space for yarn stash storage!

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