Saturday, January 30, 2010

Space planning

So we were back at the unit for some real space planning. The main objective was to have plenty of storage space. So we were hoping to have wardrobe on one full wall with adequate space for movement between the bed. And here's what we were left with after marking the "used up" areas; slightly more than a foot.Since the foyer is so tiny, we would be deprived of a shoe cabinet. Hence, no way would we settle for a small wardrobe.

Anyways, the worst had yet to come till I notice a hairline on my living room wall. A knock at the spot, it was clear to tell there a hollow in there. This will definitely cause a delay in the renovation schedule. DUH!

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Shuchita said...

Hi Lois,
The new home looks great. We've been toying with the idea of applying for a HDB but the long wait is daunting.

Anyway, in case I do muster up the nerves to attend a ravelry meetup, now that I know you're moving into a new home, I can make something appropriate for you :-)

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